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Posted by: Vipul
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Ding Ding Ding! No, there’s no ice-cream truck driving up
Sussex Place. It’s the sweet sound of … internship rejections. Surprised? I am
too. First, I was surprised that so many companies rejected me. Later, I was
even more surprised at myself for not feeling too bad about it. I was (and
still am) targeting consulting firms for the Summer. But all these rejections
mean that, if I don’t get a consulting internship, I can experiment with
starting out on my own. There will be no guilt for not trying to land a secure
job and there will be no opportunity cost!

London Business School is just great at inspiring
creativity. The first year core subject, Discovering Entrepreneurial
Opportunities (DEO), has really got me excited about trying new and daring
ventures. Yesterday the deputy chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi, Richard
Hytner, spoke to our class about creativity. We did a number of exercises that
forced us to challenge the norms. He introduced us to some fantastic tools for
fostering creativity in our study groups. I particularly liked De Bono’s Hats. I left the
class feeling very excited, despite having received two internship rejection
emails during the class. I was excited about totally wild ideas: “back packs
with beer warmers (yes, this is England)”, “flying without airports” – to name
a few. It was really cool to see how creative a bunch of accountants, bankers,
doctors and consultants can be.

How will I keep the creative juices flowing? Definitely get
my study group to do the Hat analysis of our DEO Trade Show ideas. Get the
innovation club to hold wild-idea brainstorming sessions (they can be hilarious
and can generate some awesome actionable ideas). Keep attending highly
inspirational classes like DEO and Managing Organizational Behaviour (MOB).
And, if I can find a good idea, start a company over the summer.

Now off to bed, to rest before my big consulting interview :)

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