Exchange – Half Way

Posted by: Vipul

I have been on exchange in India for almost 2 months now. It’s
been a very interesting and different experience. I certainly am happy that I
came here. My main aim in coming here was to look for work in India. Through a
reciprocal agreement with London Business School, ISB allows exchange students
to appear for placements. I have had a few interviews and am pleased to say
that I am treated as an equal here in every aspect. I haven’t found a job yet,
but that’s just a matter of time.

I have managed to squeeze in some travel. In a last minute
decision (90 mins before departure!) I caught a bus to Bangalore and spent the
weekend with an old friend. I was very impressed with the quality of life in
Bangalore. It’s a beautiful city. Then I spent 5 days with my family in Uttar
Pradesh. The work load here is heavy, but you can always find some time for the
important things. I even managed to see Ooty in the Nilgiris (Blue Mountains)
in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. There’s nothing like sitting with the
locals and eating curd-rice off a Banana leaf in a beautiful hill town.

The parties at ISB have been good, if a bit subdued.
Everyone is in placement-mode. Hence not many people actually turn up for
parties these days. Still, I have to praise the Student Life Council for a
stellar effort. The odd thing is that parties don’t actually come to life
before 2AM. Talk about culture shock! There was a huge party thrown by the dean
to celebrate ISB’s elevated ranking in the Financial Times. That was amazing!

I am staying in a 4-bedroom apartment or ‘quad’. All my
flatmates or ‘quadies’ are local ISB students. They are the best bunch of
people. I have done a lot of great partying with them. They are very accommodating
and very willing to help me settle in. They are excellent friends! I highly
recommend living in close-quarters with local students while on exchange.

Despite all the learning and fun here, I do miss life at
London Business School. I can’t believe I’m missing Tattoo!! I even missed the
Tech Summit! There’s nothing like life in central London. It’s such a lively
place – Hyderabad sure can’t match it. I really like ISB, but I can’t wait to
be back in London in April and hang-out with all my great friends from London
Business School!

One Response to “Exchange – Half Way”

  1. avatar Soumya Siddhartha Mohanty says:

    Looks like it is one helluva experience at LBS. I am looking forward to making an application to the London Business School for the Class that kicks off in 2011. Would be great to hear from you, and for any pointers that you feel may help me make the cut with a Scholarship. I think you would identify with the mystique surrounding the LBS application, especially for someone from India. :) Meanwhile, hope the juggernaut keeps rolling!