It’s over. It will be remembered. It was legendary.  

It was everywhere – Nash Lounge, Marquee, Quad, Regent’s
room, Dining room, parking lot. TATTOO2010 was an evening that brought
together more than 1200 odd LBSers from all programs to relish the cultural
diversity of the school.


It all started in November with sponsorship, when we had our
first Tattoo meeting. Though the economic climate greatly affected sponsorship,
we had some leads and decided to focus on raising funds through ticket sales. Come
December, and we were aggressively marketing the event. By January, Tattoo was
everywhere – in classes (presentations), Nash Lounge (Tattoo-taster week),
Sundowners (T-shirt sales and tattoo distributions) and even on Facebook!  On Feb 1st, the tickets sales went
live and set a
record for first-day sales. The event was sold out in a week.
days that led to Tattoo built up the excitement. One could see students from
various programs rehearsing dances, ramp walks and rock band performances in
Fitness Studio, E-wing basement (commonly known as the Salsa room), Lower Nash
etc. There were posters everywhere on campus and more than 60
students had volunteered to help with the evening for bar tending, reception
desk, events management etc. People excitedly discussed their outfits for the
evening. The campus felt the buzz of arrival of TATTOO.

Around noon, the organizers, volunteers, performers and the school teams (AV,
porters, catering etc.) went crazy setting up. In six hours, Tattoo was ready
to land on campus. People started coming in and the evening began.
stalls serving sumptuous cuisines from 23 regional clubs, people were truly spoilt
for choice. Performances by professionals for Zulu, Lion dance, Break dance,
Flamenco, Samba and Belly dance (especially this!) had people asking for more.
There was also Salsa workshop to burn the extra waffle hogged on at Belgian
stall and Bollywood show performed by students of the school.  Another highlight was the worldwide fashion
show which resulted in a dance-off between India and East-European club in the
midst of a wild animated crowd. For the music fans, there were performances by
Bagpiper, Accordion and Indian Dhol players. There was also a rock show by one
of LBS rock bands. I could write another 1000 lines about the amazing things
that made Tattoo extraordinary and but even that won’t do justice to it. The
people who experienced it have Tattoo imprinted on their minds. Pictures were
taken. Videos recorded. Memories captured.

I met some amazing people while organizing this event
and learnt a lot from them. I will miss working with them and sharing the
common passion of making Tattoo 2010 a memorable evening for LBS community. I wake
up this morning and check my calendar – no more Thursday meetings. All I am
left with is a blue band on my wrist and a tattoo on my cheek…

3 Responses to “Tattoo 2010 – The celebration of LBS’s cultural diversity”

  1. avatar Jeraldine Pirone says:

    “I was in there, but it was around 7 years, so my name should be off their list soon”

  2. Cultural diversity is a great way to open your world, and become a more open minded person at the same time! I believe we all miss out so much when we close off our minds to new ideas and people. Any time you are suffering a hurdle or a problem, often times it is because you have not yet let yourself become open to new ideas.

  3. avatar Kevin says:

    This is an excellent idea! I really do think that events like this should be held more often, just to spread awareness of diversity. So many people are close minded, in this day and age it really shouldn’t be that way. I mostly put it down to the way people are raised, no one is born with hate towards others. So why should we be like that in life? I hope to see something like this again.