Virgin Galactic Project

Posted by: Flora

Ask me who my favourite brand is, and the instant answer is "Virgin Atlantic!, and my frequent flyer membership number is xxxxx". It's been the same airline that I've flown with since studying in the U.K. six years ago (ok, except for the few times when I flew with Air New Zealand when Virgin flights were full, but Air NZ is also a partner of Virgin). 

I was thrilled to work on the project for Virgin Galactic, and that the CEO of Virgin Galactic would come on campus to give us a lecture in 3 week's time. The idea of space tourism is to transport passengers in a spaceship to the atmosphere (suborbital flight) or to space (orbital flight). There are a handful of players already emerging, but only 7 people have gone to the orbital flight. 

We could analyze the space tourism industry in various aspects such as market analysis, investor perspective, consultant perspective and policy perspective. For a relatively new industry with a sophisticated technology, it is going to be an adventurous ride! 

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  1. avatar Helicopter says:

    The Virgin Galactic project is a very ambitious undertaking. Richard Branson is a real inspiration and I wish him and everybody involved good luck.