I wrote with excitement for this post….our classmate Zong has just become the youngest winner of the Stock Pitch Contest of the Investment Management Club at school this evening, surpassing even the MBAs and EMBAs contestants. Congratulations! 

All five contestants had 5 minutes each to present their stock to a panel of judges including representatives from Orbis Investments, Fidelity International and Wellington. I was amazed by Zong's clear presentation skills as his analytical skills to understand the potential, strengths and risks of the stock Rexam, the manufacturer of soft drinks cans. 

One of my favourite questions asked by the panel was "What did you see in the stock that the market hasn't?" 

Zong went "Actually I have prepared a slide for this." and pressed enter to show an extra slide with the title "What the market has failed to notice" 

Even managed to pre-empt the questions of the panel. Sleek. 

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