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Following Tom’s post, I have had a few emails from admits asking about the careers services for the MiM programme. I would like to share my views here.

It would be hard to segregate just the career office as the only one portion of the entire LBS experience. They are all inter-linked e.g. study group, access to MBA, classes, and have extra values together.

1) Careers service


- small group CV and cover letter review by industry experts

- Crack-a-Case sessions for consulting case study preparation – run by Consulting Club

- industry fairs e.g. Spring Industry Fair

- Career visits e.g. from AT Kearney, Diamond Consulting, BlackRock, Houlihan Lokey, visits to HSBC, Nomura, London Stock Exchange, L’Oreal from career week

- Your CV would be included in the CV book to be shown to headhunters. I have had calls from L’Oreal and RBS purely from CV book.

- exposure to entrepreneurship initiatives – e.g. Social Enterprise talks, Enterpreneurship Conference, both of our MiM classmates who entered the UCL Enterpreneurship Challenge got top awards

- exposure to industry conferences e.g. private equity conference, Asia Business Forum, Real Estate Conference

- Guest lectures from industry experts organized by school clubs e.g. Coca-Cola marketing series, Jaegar Le Coultre, Louis Vuitton (Retail & Luxury Goods), banking training (through careers services as well as Finance Club)

- opportunity to take part in Stock Pitch Competition organized by the Investment Management Club – Zong, our classmate, became the youngest winner of this school competition this term.


- less campus visits compared to my undergrad, but may not very valuable as recruiters may not necessarily remember you. For the companies that we did visit, we have a higher number of students (approx 50% applicants) getting through for first round interviews e.g. Houlihan Lokey, AT Kearney.

- Not all employers are aware about the MiM program, but this should increase next year as our class has tried so hard reaching out to people. For consulting, we have got 3 McKinsites, 1 to Bain, 2 to BCG in a class of 100 people. It’s rare to find that high proportion in normal undergrads/ master recruits.

- some events are only catered for MBAs. That’s because employers have specifically asked for MBA recruits not MiMs. It may create a wrong impression to ask the wrong questions at these events.

2) The rest of the LBS experience

Exclusively postgraduate environment

- You could get an MBA mentor based on your career preferences. He /she could be the VP or associate from a top firm, and having 10 minutes of their time to tell you about the interviews would be invaluable. You could contact alumni who have worked at these firms, or just talk to other MBA students. Most graduates don’t get that.

Study group

- from my internship experience, I’d say study group is a similar environment to real-life work. You’d do a lot of projects as a team, motivating one another and making compromises. It prepares you for a teamwork environment in your career.


- Even for business undergrads, courses add value as they may point out some psychological mistakes that senior management made during decision making process e.g. confirmation bias, escalating commitment, which would hopefully remind you not to repeat the mistakes in your career.

Finally, the best takeaway is definitely the people at school. They would go through the job hunting process with you, practice interviews with you and criticize your cover letters. It also gives you a network of friends if you decide to work in London.

Most people had career services at undergrad but not all got their preferred careers immediately out of school. I hope you agree that careers service helps to increase your visibility to recruiters, but it still takes a lot more than just an entry ticket to get a job offer.

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