Armed with the shiny new MBA degree (well not quite) marching we went into a world of dreams and opportunity (well not quite). But at least I have a visa and a temporary 3-month paid project.

The graduation ceremony was impressive. The champagne reception afterwards even better. And the summer ball was truly amazing. It was great having a jug of pimms with my parents and sister at the Windsor Castle Hotel right after graduation. It was also great taking pictures with my family and in-laws in LT1 and reminiscing about first year core classes. I was a bit surprised that we didn’t actually get any sort of degree/letter at the actual ceremony (they will mail the degree later). But our names did get printed in the Times that day :).

The lack of a job was closing in on achieving “emergency” status. To be honest I managed to get 2 offers within the month after graduation. But they either paid too little to cover my loan or required me to move to a country where language and taxes were a problem (more so than in Britain!). So I took up another short-term project in London, with an IT company that I liked. Hopefully within the next 2 or 3 months I will be able to land a nice permanent job. The market is improving, but its still not easy out there.

The other feared battle was the work visa. This was actually not bad at all. I managed to get it fairly soon, though it did cost a fair bit. Only wish I had known earlier that it was possible to get a premium appointment and get the visa on the day. But I was lucky and still managed to get it within 4 days (read more about my visa experience on my travel blog here).

It’s a little hard getting used to not being a student any more. Many of my friends are now moving away from London, and I’m busy with regular farewell parties. But I still go to campus once in a while for Gym and keep meeting with those classmates that remain! There is a lot of change and hard work ahead, but I am looking forward to it.

8 Responses to “First month after the MBA”

  1. avatar vinay says:

    hello! VIPUL congratulations on your MBA. i want to get few advices from you. i m just 18 and doing my b.tec but i want to pursue MBA at LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL. i want to know about details like admission, life at LBS, LIFE after LBS etc….. hope i ll get some advice from you!!!

  2. avatar Sujit Patheja says:

    Hi Vipul

    Well, I am just another guy with dreams to be a part of the journey called LBS. I went through a lot of posts on the site and whatever doubts i had, if i had any, are gone. I want to come to LBS.

    Having said this, the million dollar question remains. I have two things going against me right now.

    1) I have never travelled outside India for any assignment.
    This is particularly beacause i chose to be part of my company’s (Infosys) India sales team.
    2) I already have an MBA degree (4.5 years back).

    So, i have two questions here:
    1. Is LBS realistic, i.e. if all other factors are accounted for?
    2. What are these other factors? :-)


  3. avatar Sapna Jeslani says:

    Hi Vipul,

    Coincidently I have the same questions in my mind that Sujit had. I am working with CapitalIQ (MNC) as a Research Associate in Gurgaon, NCR Delhi. Firstly, I have never had an opportunity to work outside India. Secondly, I too studied Distance Learning MBA 2 years back. I am not sure whether these features will count as challenges in my LBS application. Can you please suggest your take on this?

  4. avatar Vipul says:


    Below are my personal opinions.

    1. Work Abroad: In my experience, it is not essential to have worked abroad. It is more essential to demonstrate in your applications that you have an appreciation for other cultures.

    2. Yes LBS is realistic.

    3. Some of my classmates at LBS had MBAs from other colleges already. I guess you need to demonstrate that the LBS MBA will add value above and beyond your existing degree.

    Apologies for the late responses, I only just saw your comments.
    Hope this helps.


  5. avatar VK says:

    Hi Vipul,

    Do you have a job now? Your 3 months temporary project must be over by now.


  6. avatar shikhar gupta says:

    hi vipul,
    i am a software engineer working with cisco systems.
    I wanted to know how much of work experience is required for pple from computer background
    and how feasible is the programme for us because i want 2 change my field now!!

  7. Hello Vipul,
    Can you please give me some guidance on weather i should go for an MBA in India in institutes like IIM and MDI without any work experience or should I prefer to go for some work experience first and then move to some foreign B school.

  8. avatar Yesha says:

    Hi Vipul,

    I have a good MBA degree from IMT in India… doing fairly well in my career and am a part of senior management in my company. What makes me think about MBA from LBS… may be the challenge of studying from the best B school…. but just the cost factor makes me think again… investing approx 40 lakhs for a MBA – I definitely would not be able to pay back this kind of loan from my Indian salary job. So.. it means after LBS MBA – I would need to find a job abroad to cover my loan. Hows the job placement scene…any suggestions that you would have for this?
    Some guidance would be appreciated.