Half a year on

Posted by: Vipul

Its been 6 months since graduation. I am about to wrap up a temporary project with the makers of a popular software product. The good news is I have got a great role with a publishing company that is going digital in a big way. It took almost 5 months to find this role – but I’m happy with the result. The sad news is that some of my classmates are still struggling to find a proper job (though the vast majority have jobs).

I spent the last 6 months in Internet marketing. I was supporting the marketing & products teams with data analytics. I queried the data-warehouse, extracted data, analysed it and presented it. I also built financial models and was involved in budgeting exercises. But the real challenge lay in managing expectations, and getting buy-in on financial accounting concepts from a non-MBA audience.

The next role is a ‘Management Associate’ role. It is a 24 month rotation programme. I will get to experience 4 different parts of the company, and possibly upto 3 different offices. I am hoping to get some Sales and IT Operations experience. But having to go abroad for one or two rotations can complicate matters for me now. I recently got married – and now I have more responsibilities. Here’s to convincing the boss and to convincing the wife (also read “boss”).

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  1. avatar VK says:

    Hi Vipul,

    I am not sure if these comments are reaching you. I will wait for reply.

    Having spent insane amount of money on MBA from LBS, many are struggling to find a proper job is matter of big concern. Can you please highlight top 3 causes of it? And, if possible, how could they have been prevented?

  2. avatar Saurabh says:

    Hi Vipul,

    Before coming to the point I would like to introduce and tell you about my profile because it is very much needed for me to know where I actually stand at this present moment. I am working professional in IT firm (IBM India Pvt. Ltd. as my first job) with having a 1 year of total work exp out of which 2 months of international experience in Portsmouth, UK. I have Cumulative GPA of 6.92/10 or you may say 69.2%age in academics. And moreover I have got 760 score in GMAT. My school (10th and 12th standard) percentage is around 82%.

    So the point is,
    *How much is the chance for an IT consultant (project work in Energy field ‘SSE,UK’) to get an admission in 2 year full time MBA programme in LBS with having only 2 years of Work exp. (Exp would probably go upto 2 years as I will start applying and follow the whole procedure of admission) ?
    *And how much is the profile matters as well as International exposure matters ?
    *And which matters the most:’MBA related firm or profile like banking,etc’ OR ‘non-MBA related firm or profile like IT, etc but with having a good international exposure (soon I may get) and a good work record’.

    Looking forward for quick reply,


  3. avatar Vb says:


    I want to pursue my eduction in course ‘Masters in Management’ offered by LBS. They have mentioned in the site that the course is for just graduates and work exp leass than an year.
    I have a work exp of 20 months from an IT firm, Accenture and have done B.Tech.
    please could any1 guide me how good this course is for me and what are the fututre prospects wid job and in industry after the course.


  4. avatar silakmapati says:

    Hi Vipul,Really need to know what VK asks?Please Help