First note: a reflection after two months

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Sitting in the Library, I just finished my final paper on Strategy. With a deep breath, I realized it is more than two months since I joined the Sloan Program here at London Business School. I never realized how fast time flies, and thought it might be a good time now to reflect.

First impression of London
I have been traveling to London a couple of times before, but have never really loved the city as I do now – the international environment, the accepting colleagues, the elegant temperament, the academic atmosphere, and the beautiful Regent’s Park and school campus. All above has become so attractive to me and I really appreciate the chance to stay here for the entire year.

An overwhelming first two weeks
The first two weeks were exciting and overwhelming, I wasn’t have time to really imagine how the program would look like, already a lot of self assessment and reflection with the leadership course and executive coach sessions both from the course and career services. Indeed, I felt like a re-discovering of myself, and really put time reflecting deeply the purpose of life which I didn’t do for the busy of work. Sometimes we tend to be too busy as managers and forget purposeful actions in life.

World class faculty team
For me, one of the most important factors in choosing a B-School is the faculty team. I’m very happy that we got a good team of faculty and professors, a team with very diversified, energized and inspiring teaching styles.

A highly committed, global elites classmates team
If all above I talked about are conditions and environment that school provided. Most importantly I want to share the last thing I reflected which is how impressed I am by my classmates.

The average working experience of our class is 17 years. Come from 22 countries, pause the successful career, and invest a valuable time here in London full time with education, can you imagine how committed this group of people have? They are more engaged, very proactive and full of energy. During these two months, I not only learned from professors but also I learned quite a lot from each of my classmates, and every time when I joined our discussions and activities, I gained a lot of energy and encouragement. Not to tell you the long stories, I want to share two examples:

•    “The London 10K” initiative
Among many initiatives from our classmates, one of the activities I joined was the Sloan 2011 running team for London 10K initiated and coached by two of my classmates Perry and Sharad. Being a person never really tried to run over 1km, I never thought I would consider or even dare to do any exercise and run a long distance like 10km. However, I am very impressed by their spirit – quote from Perry: “Remember – the Sloan transformation does not have to be merely relegated to the professional arena..”. Now I have really enjoyed the challenge, and I assure you they are really good and patient coaches.

•    SA survey
Good news we received this week was winning the SA survey completion, being probably the most senior group of students, you might deem we sometimes either ignore or slow in small things like survey. When I reflected on this result, three things I think really worked:
o    Again, this showed a highly committed group of people we have in the class.
o    A highly collaborative team and leadership – we all want and proud of working together as a team.
o    A truly leadership – a sense of purpose we all believe – a proposal to donate the prize to the Japan fund for the earthquake.
All I want to say is thanks the admissions team for recruiting such a great group of people into the class. I am, indeed feel very proud being part of the team.

As I believed in the beginning of the program, joining Sloan program at London Business School is the best decision I made so far in life, and it will help me to make better decision in the future. I truly believe 2011 will be a memorable year, a unique experience, and a year of transforming ourselves. And I look forward the coming 9 months ahead!

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