A typical week in our Sloan life

Posted by: Cristina
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I just wanted to register a little bit of a typical week that captured the essence of what the Sloan is for me.

It is my personal view that this year is all about stretching your learning on different themes, taking a strategic approach on your career, self-awareness, spotting a different side of London on a Thursday night, feel inspired and also proud of attending a top class event such as TEDx LBS organized by students and then spend the weekend in Amsterdam … just to come back on Monday and start all over again !

Here goes a quick glance of our everyday life as a Sloan Student …
Monday: started with a little bit of rush, two final assignments of a Spring Elective and a study group meeting that lasted till night.
Tuesday: early classes at 8:15am, a class meeting at noon, two workshops from Career Services and the briefing from our trip to Shanghai in the beginning of the night. Of course, drinks at Windsor after that !
Wednesday: once again classes in the morning, a meeting to discuss the Entrepreneurship Summer School and then classes all day long.
Thursday: a long day that started with a One to One with the Career Coach, a biography group meeting, Hamlet at Shakespeare Globe in the afternoon and Secret Cinema at night.
Friday: amazing TEDx LBS organized by the Marketing Club. Fast-pace, sharp and interesting. Nice to meet an Argentinian couple that were LBS Alumni. A nice dinner with friends after the intense day.
Weekend: Amsterdam and its charming bikes and boats. … and then another week starts … a lot of reading to be done before the next lecture …

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