Flying back from Moscow to Munich, I am contemplating the great advantages of attending an international school such as LBS. I just finished a tour of St. Petersburg and Moscow on which I embarked with a classmate, and were hosted in Moscow by two other classmates. This is exactly why I love this school so much: The opportunity to meet individuals from a broad range of backgrounds and nationalities. I am now friends with individuals from approximately 40 different nations – for a German girl from a small hick-town in Bavaria, that’s quite an achievement.

So why is that so important? It is important as our world will grow smaller and smaller in the coming years. Product innovation and branding will be less local and more global – and a lot of that is due to the internet, which aligns global taste. This means that more companies will need to become global in their thinking, their mind-set, their taste and their processes. Values from their home countries should be kept at their core, but they will need to expand beyond this horizon. And this is where such an international crew as we are comes in: Who else to help transcend this step and assist companies with becoming truly global.

Which brings me to my most important learning of Russia. It is not true that all Russians drink vodka. In fact, neither of my classmates does. Which means that I didn’t drink any vodka in Russia. But I am hopeful that my British classmates will help me out next time I see them…

5 Responses to “From Russia with Love”

  1. avatar Conan Hatch says:

    Does LBS have it’s MBA course online? I was a student with McGrath Institute of Business Australia doing my MBA online until it went into receivership and taken over by ACPET – The Accrediting authority in Australia.

    I have completed two units and have ten left to complete with any other business school. It would be good to have the option of studying with LBS online.

    • avatar Gudrun says:

      Hi Conan, I don’t think LBS has an online course. But pls. check with your admissions office, as a student I am not the best source for these information. Gudrun

  2. avatar kaci says:

    Hi there,

    Lovely russian people. Even if vodca must be drunk from time to time, solidarity oblige. I’am algerian and I would like to know costs for an International business master. I tryed through the site I didn’t found this subject. Could you help me, in the name of tolstoj, the universal thinker…
    have a nice day,


    • avatar Gudrun says:

      Hi Kaci,

      I think it’s best to contact our admissions office – you should find their contacts on the LBS website. As a student I don’t know too much about these questions…Gudrun

  3. avatar Alan Ross says:

    Hey Gudrun

    The world’s getting smaller and smaller! Brands transcend the globe and thus enables global brand’s to determine what we eat, drink and drive wherever we are. Russia is a beautiful place with very business savvy citizens. I bet you had a great time!