Its becoming more hectic with every passing day here. With all the classes, assignments, group submissions, club kickoffs, career services events and the endless so called ‘networking events’ :P

One of the top tips we received from our senior batches was to make it a point of going beyond Baker Street. It is easy to make your small bubble of comfort here around the school, and never see what all this great city has to offer. I try to do that as much as possible, mostly on weekends. And I also promised last week that I will post something about London -the city, so here I am to do exactly that. However instead of writing something, I will let a few pictures clicked by me do all the talking (thank god for the philosophers who said they are worth thousands of words..makes my job here so much easier :) )

Alright, now I am going to head off to work on a couple of assignments. Will definitely be back to interact more in  a few days’ time.

6 Responses to “London beyond Baker Street”

  1. avatar AK says:

    You are a rockstar! These are awesome pictures. Is it the camera or the skill?

  2. avatar Kshitij says:

    Great work with the lens there! :-)

  3. avatar MundaSingh123 says:

    I Liked the photo with the boat the best . Amazing photo. It denotes a new beginning . And the clouds look awesome.I wanna ride the boat too. Harpreet Paaji , Can I get in touch with You regarding LBS ,

  4. avatar jashan says:

    i want to know about the MiM programme in depth. i am currently pursuing bba from amity university noida and would want to do MiM from LBS. please enlighten me with your own experience and the admission process. i would be thankful if u cud help.

  5. avatar Vishal Chopra says:

    Hey Harpreet

    Seeking some guidance as I am appying for MS Finance starting August 2013.

    Please leave me your contact details @


  6. avatar Arun Kumar Tak says:

    Hi Harpreet Ji,
    Hpy New YEAR,
    Want to know about LBS admission, I have about 12 years experience 7 years in PSU and reamaining in others in India,
    please guide me in which programme i must take the admission,
    A K Tak