My MiF experience after one month

Posted by: Jon
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Four weeks down and none the worse for wear.   Intro day and the first week were a breeze; it was great to meet my classmates and small group members.  Away day and the ensuing barbeque was so much fun; a really positive day with great weather and fun activities.  It was great to get to know people outside of school so soon into the program.

The first few weeks of the program are mostly prep courses — accounting, statistics, and Personal Assessment and Development (PAD) — as well as a huge amount of Career Services work.  The classes take up a lot of time but outside of class there is little work.  Most of our free time is spent doing innumerable revisions to our CVs and cover letters in preparation for the CV book publishing date and on-campus recruiting (starting in a week and a half).  We had a great class on networking.  The PAD class was tremendous; we all left feeling the professor was spectacular and wishing we had more.

We’re now into the core curriculum — Financial Accounting and Analysis, Investments, and Corporate Finance — and we only have one 3-hour class each day, but more than enough work outside of class to make us constantly busy.  We’ve still managed to find time to work out, see London, and spend a suitable amount of time in the Windsor Castle.  The classmates who know London organize an open invitation to a different pub in London each week; great for seeing the city with people who are developing into our close friends.

Next week is an Investments mid-term.  Hard to believe one month has already passed.  It’ll be December in no time.  Best to work hard, spend time with friends, and make the most out of the short program.

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