As an aspiring entrepreneur, LBS was really a simple choice for me. I wanted a b-school that gave me a global business perspective. Understanding how the global supply chain works in our modern age is key for my future success. Where else can I learn about globalization and build international contacts in the most diverse b-school in the world? With more than 66 nationalities in my MBA class, I don’t need to look far away!

What also grabbed my attention was the curriculum. The first year is spent enforcing core managerial concepts such as strategy and corporate finance, which can be waived under certain circumstances. As for the second year, there are so many options! Starting from exchange programs, with more than 30 partner schools around the world, to electives which will really help me build my business such as Managing the Growing Business. I also have the chance to spend my summer at the Entrepreneurship Summer School, which allows me to test the feasibility of some the ideas that I have and be able to develop a business plan by the time I graduate!

Being the #1 MBA program in the world, LBS is THE place for me to build my skill set and contacts. By the end of the program, the world better be ready for me!

4 Responses to “Why LBS was a simple choice for me”

  1. avatar Wan says:

    Good luck, bro!

    Being in LBS will surely be an advantage to you when you are working or opening your own business.

    Wishing you all the best.

    • avatar Hamdi says:

      Thank you!

      It has defiantly opened my eyes to many things that I was unaware of. I would recommend it!

  2. avatar RAFAELA says:

    Hello Hamdi! Nice to meet you!

    I am a LBS Applicant for class of 2014!
    I have been to London a few times but have never visited campus! As I will be in London next week (from Feb 18th to Feb 22nd) on vacations I was wondering if we could meet and I could learn a little bit more about how LBS is helping your entrepreneruship plans! I plan on becoming an entrepreneur myself and look forward on starting my MBA at LBS!

    Thanks a lot!

  3. avatar Uday Krishna says:

    Hi Hamdi,

    I needed some feedback on the LBS Entrepreneurship Summer School. Could we connect over mail please?

    Would appreciate some time from your side.