About a year ago, when I was in the thick of prioritizing the programmes I wanted to apply to and of them, the ones I badly wanted to get into, I put London Business School on that list. Very high up on that list. In fact, on top of that list. I am not saying that because I am here now, but because I truly did want to be here then as much as I’m happy that I am now.

So, why London Business School (LBS)? Let me tell you right away, it wasn’t for the weather. :) It seemed to be the sort of place that attracted people who genuinely wanted to learn from a diverse peer group, to put themselves out of their comfort zones and make an impact. The school itself wasn’t paying lip-service to providing a global experience, but actually did. I was inspired by the personal courage and motivation it took the people who were here already to move continents to be a part of that experience. We are increasingly in a world where cultures and ideals collide everywhere we look, and the problems that face us increasingly remind us of the inter-dependencies between countries and economies. But there aren’t as many organizations that prepare us to work harmoniously and confidently in it, nor have many of us been as fortunate to have experienced this learning in the past. But at LBS, this reality is part of the very fabric of the education it provides.

Beyond that, there is a spirit about London and that spirit is very much a part of LBS. Just as it is in any other place, you might argue, but this place is special. There is something very classic, and yet contemporary; so much history and yet a striking modernity; an acceptance for the new and diverse, and still a respect for some time-honoured traditions. It is hard for me to say exactly which of these and in what order, influenced my decision. But all I can say is, I feel like I’ve come home.

10 Responses to “Why London Business School?”

  1. avatar Abhishek H. Maloo says:

    Hi Amritha..So I surely got that you didn’t join LBS just for the weather!! ;) I am also aspiring for an MBA from some good B-school and LBS, ofcourse,is on top of the list. Will like to get some help and guidance from you in this reagrd, I shall be really grateful to have some precious time of yours. Thanks a ton!

  2. avatar Krishna says:

    I would be interested to know about the preperations you have done and it would be great if you could share your timesheet or plans if you had any. which scholarship you applied for etc… more informations to get into LBS appereciated

  3. avatar Amritha says:

    hi abhishek,
    sure. drop me an email with any questions you have on appaswami.a@gmail.com good luck!
    ~ amritha.

  4. avatar zoopit says:

    please .some idea how to crack g-set test .after come london ok ram -ram

  5. avatar vijay says:

    hi amritha,
    congrats that u made in school of r choice

    amritha i wanted to know what kind of profile r they looking for
    is working with yhe ngo is also appreciated aloong with the conventional work experience

  6. avatar mohit virmani says:

    hey aparna,
    firstly u deserve an appreciation for getting through d best b school of the world… m a delhiite, m even studying hard to get into a good b school and lbs being on d top of d list ….. dere is no one out here to guide me well, i would be honoured if it is possible for u to have a word wid me on gtalk….


  7. avatar ashwin kumar says:

    hi amritha, congrats for your admission in LBS……i am from tamilnadu.. everything u said explains about LBS.i have a lot of questions regarding accomodations and scholarships..pls do guide me

  8. avatar amit says:

    Hey Amritha,

    A very happy new year, Hope the weather was’nt too bad in London. The winds up here in the north-west [manchester] just can’t be described.

    I had couple of questions relative to the mba admissions process-
    a] English language requirements : the website mentions toefl, ielts etc.. or
    graduation in an english speaking country [course duration minimum 2 yrs]
    2 years work experience in an english speaking country.

    Now, I have done my masters in the UK [21 months] and have been working in the uk for five years, Am i eligible?

    b] what role did you play in your 1st yr study group.

    thank you in anticipation of your much required help.


  9. avatar shambhavi says:

    Hi Amritha…….

    Congrats 4r getting into one of the top schools…..i know u must b very busy with your course but it would be very grtful of u if u can guide me indeciding on the course of MASTERS IN FINANCE…my story goes like tis…i m a compuetr sc engineering graduate from india…working in a PUBLIC sector for alomost five years…the problem is i m having no exp in finance but i want to shift my base into finance,… so if i apply for the masters in finance program 2013 batch then will my application be selected……also i would like to tell u that i hav applied for COST ACCOUNTANT AND COMPANY SECRETARY course in india and by the time 2013 i will completing these courses…..so will it b of any help to me in getting into MFin course…….


  10. avatar Arun Kumar Tak says:

    Hi Amritha Ji,
    Hpy New YEAR,
    Want to know about LBS admission, I have about 12 years experience 7 years in PSU Energy Sector and remaining in others in India,
    please guide me in which programme i must take the admission,