Aug 16th, the day I arrived in London, one week ahead of starting my new master degree from LBS. The programme is called Master in Finance, so called [MiF]. 2 months ago, I was not fully convinced by the idea of applying to this programme proposed by my fiancée (now wife~). I hesitated to do so because I was in a great job with an asset management firm in Singapore. Unless it is really a top programme, there is no reason for me to give up my job and spend so much money and one year to do this. But it is a valid request from my wife since she is working in London and we all think it is not good for both of us as a married couple. Anyway, I got the offer from LBS.

After 4 weeks of the programme, I was fully convinced that this programme is definitely the world class and I made a great investment decision. Staffs are helpful; all classmates have great background in financial industry. For example, in my study group, there is one management consultant, two portfolio managers, one private banker and one investment banker. Amazing combination, isn’t it? And the whole class represents 38 nationalities and everyone has a very good track record in their own career. I feel very proud to be part of such a group and I know it will be a journey full of fun and challenge of course down the road.

Out of class, there are more than 80 clubs for your choice. There are finance, investment management, real estate, entrepreneurship, and PE/VC clubs if you are looking for jobs and future business partners. And there are also a lot of other clubs for cultural and sports lovers. I am sure you can find people who share the same interests and passions with you from this wide range of clubs.

I will enjoy myself as much as possible and will share more interesting stories with you guys.

5 Responses to “Wonderful experience so far…”

  1. avatar Sarbajit says:

    Hi! Your experience was an interesting read. I have been thinking about this course myself. Please advise, apart from the Tuition fees what all expenses should I factor in. Also, please share some of the companies which come offer Placements to MIF students.

  2. avatar RA says:

    Eddie, Nice Post. I am in a very similar situation as you mentioned you were a few months back. Could you share your email address and I’d be happy to get in touch to get some more perspective. Cheers

  3. avatar Abhijeet Paul says:

    Hi Eddie,

    I have been contemplating applying to the FT MiF program and was your post was interesting. Could you please share your mail id where I could reach you for your valuable feedback, as an existing student, regarding the suitability of the MiF program for meeting my current career aspirations?

    Merry Christmas!

  4. avatar MundaSingh123 says:

    Hi Eddie,I am finding it very tough to get through to any of the LBS students.I have already dropped in a line to 2 of them.I guess you guys must be busy But the all Bschools talk about students getting to know the school first at length, but how do we,who are based abroad, when the students dont respond. I apologize for the whining but i guess i am right.Kindly correct me if i am wrong.

  5. avatar shambhavi says:

    Hi Eddie …….

    Congrats 4r getting into one of the top schools…..i know u must b very busy with your

    course but it would be very grtful of u if u can guide me indeciding on the course of

    MASTERS IN FINANCE…my story goes like tis…i m a compuetr sc engineering graduate from

    india…working in a PUBLIC sector for alomost five years…the problem is i m having no

    exp in finance but i want to shift my base into finance,… so if i apply for the masters

    in finance program 2013 batch then will my application be selected……also i would like

    to tell u that i hav applied for COST ACCOUNTANT AND COMPANY SECRETARY course in india

    and by the time 2013 i will completing these courses… will it b of any help to me in

    getting into MFin course…….