Now that the mid-term exams are over, I can confidently sit down and write some thoughts stemming from the first two months of the Masters in Management curriculum. Coming from a completely non-business background, my main fear when applying to the MiM programme was whether I would be able to catch up with the demanding curriculum of a top-tier business school. I knew that it would require a lot of studying and effort and I was completely ok with that. However, keep in mind that when I say that I knew absolutely nothing about some business topics, I am not exaggerating… My background comprises of six years of studies in Law and an eight-month internship in a Law Firm: Not only I knew nothing about Statistics or Accounting but, in fact, the first time I ever heard of the terms “median, mode and standard deviation” was during my GMAT preparation last year! And so, after the initial excitement of getting accepted to LBS, I started wondering whether I would succeed in coping with the high-level fast-paced and completely new to me MiM curriculum.

After two months I can admit that I was wrong. The Masters in Management programme is so well-designed that if you are determined to work hard and overcome the challenges then, no matter how irrelevant your background is, you can thrive! In fact, the other day I was mingling with two fellow MiMs, the one studied… Film Aesthetics in her undergrad and the other Architecture and Urbanism! So, I guess Law is fine :)

Now let’s see where we stand only a couple of months after the inception of the course: We are all quite good in reading, interpreting, comparing and making the basic and most important financial statements (B/S, I/S, cash flow statements etc.) and to talk about Managerial Statistics (my favourite!), I can say with pride that I am in a much better position than just knowing what “standard deviation” is : Building and interpreting regression models, simulation models and linear programmes has almost become my second nature!

To be able to make this huge step it took me many hours of studying, many cups of coffee in order to stay awake at night (though the plan didn’t always “work”) and building hundreds (yes hundreds!) of Excel models (after our last individual assignment, I didn’t even want to pronounce the words “regression model”)… Apart from the lectures, the MiM curriculum provides us with seminars and workshops for every course and together with the study group work, the day to day schedule is really heavy and intense but it eventually pays off. I am pretty sure that if I didn’t have my mid-term exams last week, I wouldn’t have sat down and revise the whole material… And no, the exam process is NOT fun. But the mere fact that our curriculum is designed in that way, together with the willingness of our Professors to help us at all times, makes us learn… whether we want it or not!

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  1. avatar Aisha says:

    Hi Alexis,
    I just wanted to take time and thank you for reflecting back on your experience. I am an aspiring LBS student and reading your post simply put a smile on my face. It seems to me that most of the students getting accepted into LBS have some form of business/engineering/law degree. However, you mentioned someone with a film aesthetics undergrad. I guess I shouldn’t let my dream die so easily. LBS is my dream school, but the fact that I have a Biology degree oftens makes me question if I would ever stand a chance. Do let me know, if you have any Bio majors in your class. Good Luck with your program :)

    • avatar L. Windey says:

      Hi Aisha,
      I’m a MiM2011 and our class did have someone with a biology degree.
      I can only agree with Alexis, myself coming from a law background, that the only thing you really need is drive and motivation.
      Good luck

    • avatar Alexis says:

      Hey Aisha,

      I couldn’t agree more with what Loïcque said. Don’t be discouraged by your educational background because it doesn’t really matter what you studied but whether you have potential, passion and motivation. In the end it’s all about you and the Admissions Committee so just be positive and do your best in the application process. The MiM students come from extremely diverse backgrounds and the programme is designed to provide you with the key skills to start a successful career in Business. Just for the record, in the MiM2012 class we have… 4 students who studied Biology (including one who did Cell Biology and Genetics)!

      Good luck!

  2. avatar Mike says:

    Hi Alexis,

    Thanks for a great post – I truly enjoyed it! Currently, I am looking into applying for the MiM 2013, I am a little uncertain – despite your post – as I’m engineering specializing in cloud computing.
    To this, most of my exams have been oral, and hence I would greatly appreciate if you can shed some light on the exam process itself. Is it e.g. oral, written (essay like or multiple choice), assignments and oral defense…or something else?

    Again, thanks for your helpful and inspiring post!

    Best regards,


    • avatar Alexis says:

      Hi Mike and thank you for your comment!
      The assessment criteria vary from course to course but in general the final grade is made of the final exam, mid-term exam, in class participation, individual and study group assignments and obviously I can only talk about the first term’s courses! The final and mid-term exams are all written and (until now at least) very few of them are multiple choice – again it depends on the specific course. However, if I were you I wouldn’t worry about that. The whole assessment process is designed in a way that makes you work constantly, be it on preparing the assignments, participating in class or studying for an exam. In the end though, if you make the effort, it will pay off. Don’t worry at all about your undergraduate’s exam process, I had quite a few oral exams myself and it doesn’t really make a difference for your performance in the MiM…

      Good luck with your application!

  3. avatar Jesús Meana says:

    Hi Alexis!
    I just wanted to stop by and thank you so very much for your post, it really makes me feel optimistic!
    I am an aspiring MiM student from México with an industrial engineer undergrad background, and I truly feel that LBS is the school for me, the more I read about LBS the more I love it.
    Hope to be accepted! wish me luck!

  4. avatar vinnu says:

    Hi Alexis..!!
    iam from india , currently pursing my engineering .I am looking into applying for the MiM 2014
    so early to ask my queries…but so eager to make sure of everything about the joining process.
    June-2014 i will complete my engineering so please help me

    1. when to apply for the Mim course and how to prepare for it ?
    i want to get into lbs ( my dream infact ) i want to give my 100% so please furnish me with the details

    • avatar Alexis says:

      Hi Vinnu and sorry for the late reply but I was really busy with exams! Since you are graduating in June 2014, you can apply for the MiM2015 (September 2014 intake). It’s very early to talk about application deadlines and the process in general, since it might change by then. You should keep an eye on the Masters in Management official website in order to keep track of the application process’ logistical details. Perhaps, you can get useful insights about the challenges of the process by visiting our Student Ambassadors’ page:

      Good luck!

  5. avatar Shubh says:

    Hello Alexis…
    Getting through ur post have made me kinda more fascinated in getting to LBS. Thanxx a lot buddy.
    one thing i wanna ask is what are the job prospectus once we are done with MIM…
    What is average salary students get?
    Best Regards..
    Shubh :-)

    • avatar Alexis says:

      Hey Shubh!

      According to the latest 2011 Masters in Management employment report (which you can fully access on the MiM website), 96% of the MiM2011s had accepted job offers within 3 months after graduation and their average base salary was £36,379. Hope this helps!

  6. avatar Nidhi says:

    Hey Alexis !!!

    This is only my second time reading a blog and my first comment ever !!!… But i just had to stop and thank you…. so THANK YOU!!!

    For way too many reasons ( no.. i wont bore you with them ) I’m only just working on my essays and the deadlines for the Sept 2012 intake is on May 31st! … On top of being worried about whether i still have a shot at getting in… i have been reading the MIM blogs and so on with a sinking feeling. My undergrad degree was very theoretical…lots of mindless memorizing …. and someone posted something about having to know Excell like the back of yr hand…. and ‘regression models’?

    Your post has given me hope!… If you can master it being from a completely different background … I am determined that so will I. I Still have to get in of course…

    Any words of wisdom on how to tackle the essays and maybe an inspirational story about someone who applied really late and still got in… Like yr biology story… will be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thank you for giving me hope again.

    God Bless.

    • avatar Alexis says:

      Hello Nidhi and apologies for the really late reply but the last couple of months were extremely busy. Thanks a lot for your kind words about the article. There are many stories of people who applied really late and yet were admitted to the MiM2012 class. For example, one of my best buddies from the MiM applied after all application rounds had closed. He submitted his application around the 10th of August (!!!) last year and yet joined the MiM2012 class!

      On the MiM website it is explicitly stated that, although the Admissions Committee gives priority to the applications submitted before 31/5/2012, there are still places and you can still apply! I wish you the best of luck!