Now that’s a blog Ritu! Obviously, my new Sloan BFF (read: my co-author) knows how to do this ‘blog thing’…which quite frankly, scares me to death!

Putting myself out there on social media, and just being open about myself are not things that come naturally to an ex-US Air Force officer, but Sloan is teaching me… boy is it teaching me.  Learning to be self-aware and stepping out of our comfort zones are watchwords in the program.

The word ‘naked’ (see, I would never have thought to use that!) is incredibly apt.  Never have I, or (I would imagine) the rest of the class exposed our inner thoughts and desires to people we have known for such a short period of time, but that’s just what has happened.  Heck, I haven’t talked this intimately about myself to people I’ve known most of my life!  And surprisingly it’s been a liberating experience, even comforting! We’re all coming from the same base of uncertainty, so it just doesn’t seem so hard.  Even team-building exercises (for me, it was acting in a play—I was Margaret Thatcher, although I sounded more like the Queen) that just months ago I would have absolutely hated, have seemed, well… fun.

It’s thrilling to do this journey with the 51 other wonderful people–people I study with, party with, and just hang out with.  We have a way to go, but the “crash of Sloan 2012” has propelled us a good way ahead already.  Even though I haven’t cleared away the fog that’s been surrounding me for years and figured out where I’m going from here, my friends and classmates say they can see things for/about me I can’t see for myself yet.  I can’t wait to see what they see—the rest of the year has such promise!

Yes, the Sloan will celebrate me!

One Response to “THE CRASH OF 2012 – We came to the Sloan to change!”

  1. avatar Rupesh says:

    I subscribe to your thoughts Lee Ann. The course would have designed to make the class experience such changes. An attempt to make ‘budding’ leaders face the world boldy.

    I am sure by now you would have seen some lights at the end of the tunnel..I mean your career destination. Frankly, reading these blogs, my detemination to join class of 2014 is strengthening.