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Term 1 ended in a tizzy! I have never had a more challenging academic tenure or a more demanding social life, packed neatly into 3 months. Come April, I packed memories of my Term 1 ‘all-nighters’ in the library and the Windsor Castle pub and headed home. Term 2 will definitely be easier…

Term 2 whizzed past in a ‘motion blur’! The core courses were significantly reduced and my electives occupied a significant mind and time share. Electives meant studying with a new cohort of people – with a new study group of mixed blood… from courses across the school. This was a bitter-sweet experience! The term 1 battlefield was still fresh with blood shed during Sloan study group ‘guns and roses’ sessions. We had called each other names and sworn ‘life-long’ enmity, yet combated deadlines together in the still of the ‘last’ hour, drunken each other under the table and sometimes even found soul mates! And here was this new cohort of young blood (MiMs, MIFs, MBAs and Exec MBAs) to deal with to pass Term 2 electives. Let the war-games begin!

If you have studied business education or worked in a study group before, I have probably lost you to nostalgia already. Some of you might even be calling your soul-mate long distance just about now! So adieus amigos!

For the rest of you, study groups are extremely tricky swamps. ‘No-hierarchy’ flat groups, forced together without any ‘for-profit’ motivations… often resembling ‘headless’ chickens with sharp and shiny canine teeth!

However, interacting with the younger LBS blood in Term 2 study groups made me come face to face with my ‘mirror-mirror on the wall’ moment…

In one’s twenties, a business program mirrors ‘who and what’ to expect in your new workplace and arms you with ammunition to best deal with the external enemy to reach given goals.

At a more mature age (and you thought I would reveal our age? Fat chance!), a business program mirrors ‘who and what’ we have become fighting that workplace. It arms us with ammunition to best deal with the internal strife and redefine goals (as we all know by now – monetary goals are mere carrots; there has to be more to this rat race).

Term 3 will be all about stepping back from the battlefield, arriving at that elusive goal that would probably define a deeper meaning and lunging forward.

As the Sloan class of 2012 dives inward, the clock is relentlessly ticking away and we must remember to savour the last few months with our sworn enemies and soul mates! For, at the end of the day, isn’t that what life’s really about?

6 Responses to “THE SLOAN WAR GAMES”

  1. avatar Sheena Seth says:

    No you didn’t loose me Ritu, but had me craving to jump into the battlefield with you. What an amazing experience and a fantastic way to keep the spirit young and on the drive mode always. What’s beautiful is the energy and enthusiasm your words bring forth. You are quite truly an inspiration. Keep writing … and have fun.

  2. avatar Naveen Sadarangani says:

    My study group “The Five Forces” started out with some serious friction amongst some of us. Who knows why?! Most of us were perfectly normal well accomplished people – open minded, composed (un huh!) cooperative (in intent anyway) and mature (hah!). As soon as we discovered we were each flawed in ways that drive other people barking mad we decided to correct matters via a once a week cook up and piss up. The conversation was limited, by edict, to discussions on who in the class is sleeping with whom, who is likely to sleep with whom? and who doesn’t stand a chance of sleeping with the one they want. The subjects made for scintillating speculation, and conjecture, great drinking and food, and became amazingly, as you might expect, therapeutic! We’ve been soul mates – all 5 of us – since. I kid you not!

  3. avatar Ricky McFarland says:

    Hey Ritu, your aticle seems to be very nice,interesting as well as very inspirable.I am really impressed.keep writing like that.wish u all the best for the future.

  4. avatar Priyanka SHARMA says:

    Very well written

  5. avatar Ritu Soni says:

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments. very encouraging..humbled!

  6. avatar Rupesh says:

    this appeared that I have got a time machine and visiting my past, especially my MBA days. tight schedules and study groups which had represntations from almost same age groups….mid twenties. I can certainly understand your sentiments Ritu. Blend of representations from Sloan and other courses would indeed make it interesting.

    I, candidate for 2014 batch, am just waiting to participate in these discussions and relive my academic life once again….

    I am sure you would be closing the course and may be preparing your self to start the work life again.