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Posted by: AK

As a student ambassador, I keep receiving a ton of emails with questions and concerns on London Business School – these are mostly from potential MBA applicants. Now, over time, I’ve realized that most of these emails include similar questions and concerns. So these days, whenever I get an email with concerns that I’ve already addressed in past, I just hunt for my older response, and copy-paste that into my reply to the latest email. Sometimes, if am running short on time, I keep it very brief.

Today, I decided to start following an alternative approach. I’ve shortlisted the most common concerns that applicants have, and will ensure that there’s a blog post published on each of those points. That way, I can simply send the relevant blog link to the individual – a link which will not be brief, but will answer the question in detail.

Here are those most common concerns:

1. Budgeting for LBS – addressed here

2. Part-time work opportunities – addressed here

3. Right background, # years of experience and round to apply for LBS – addressed here

4. Importance of prior international exposure for LBS application – will be addressed soon

5. Scholarships / financial aid / loans – will be addressed soon

6. Course-related details, and experiences from the courses taken till date – will be addressed soon

7. Club-related details, and experiences from personal involvements – will be addressed soon

8. How do study groups work at LBS – will be addressed soon

9. Recent UK visa changes and impact on the international students – addressed here

10. Placements outcome (particularly during downturn) and available career services support – will be addressed soon

11. Finishing the MBA at the three available check points – will be addressed soon

12. Tips and tricks for an effective application – will be addressed soon

2 Responses to “Most common concerns”

  1. avatar Juan Trujillo CastaƱeda says:

    Thank you so much. I’m in the application process and this information helps me a lot. If you can publish your recommendation about concern #4 in the very short term, I’d really appreciate it

  2. avatar Rehan Patel says:

    I just recenly graduated from Queen Mary university of London in Mechanical Engineering, unfortunately I got 57.6% 2.2, If I get a high gmat 700+, and few years experiance from a graduate program do I have a releastic chance getting admitted to LBS