Three and a half months sounds like a short time. Think back over your last three and a half months. It went by pretty fast, didn’t it?

Tomorrow, I wake up in Shanghai at the start of three and a half months there on exchange. I expect at the end of my time there I will wonder how it’s gone so fast. But now, as I think of the 110 days I will spend in the Middle Kingdom, it seems anything but short. I imagine my first day; explaining to the taxi driver where to go, struggling to open a bank account, get a pre-paid sim card, order food from a non-picture menu. Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly looking forward to the experience. In fact, it’s because of all these little interactions that I’m more excited.

Previously, I had been thinking of this as one great big experience. And that is true, but it’s also an enormous series of small, individual events too. Events that need to be swilled around in the mouth, reflected upon and savoured, like a fine wine. Because otherwise it can all go past so quickly and you are then faced with looking back at what you know was a great time, but what is also a hazy jumble of fused events.

As the 2014s start their MBA’s, I offer them my advice: savour everything you do. Take the time to reflect on that lecture, the party, that conference, the job interview. Recall the emotions, the vibe. Remember who was there, what was said… what the weather was like, the smell in the air, the song that was stuck in your head. Let those memories form; if you do, they will solidify with time. Then, when you look back and wonder where the time went, you will be able to answer yourself.

I think that is definitely worth doing. And I hope to do the same on exchange.

2 Responses to “My words of wisdom to the 2014s”

  1. avatar Ritu Soni says:

    Absolutely agree with you on the savouring. In fact I arrived at the same conclusion in my blog…
    Have a great time in Shanghai..
    And heres to a blog well written and smelling the crisp London air with a song in my heart!


  2. avatar James Correa says:

    What a refreshing take on the value of reflection. It is the brilliant flashes of truly savory character, like the one in this blog post, that excite me about the possibilities at LBS. Cheers.