A year ago I started my MBA at London Business School. Now and only now can I begin telling you why I made the right choice, the best choice.

1.    Our world is global –> LBS is the most international school ever

We all know one thing in life for sure: our world is changing and it will continue to be so. How to best address this than is by being international.

At LBS you’ll meet people from 65 different nationalities, you’ll perhaps flatshare with people from countries that you had previously only read about and you’ll surely party with them even if you are married with 2 kids an they are single… How best understand to a culture than by sharing a time of your life with people from different cultures?

2.    We are unique –> Your experience at LBS is self tailored

-    You will finish when you want: the program finishes after 15,18 or 21 months
-    You will specialize if you want to in a concentration of your choice: LBS is a general MBA
-    You will travel wherever you want: I can’t even count the number of treks organized in a year
-    You will exchange wherever you want: LBS has exchanges programs with schools in all continents
-    Finally you’ll do what you want…so many opportunities are open to you

3.    I have met exceptional people at LBS

People come to LBS not only to further their professional careers but also to share their experiences. We help each other and will spend a lot of time to help you achieve your goal.

People come from all around the world to our conferences to share and challenge differing viewpoints.

LBS (special thanks to Stream B): you made my first year rock!


One Response to “LBS, you made my first year rock!”

  1. avatar Juan Trujillo says:

    Thanks for the post! I’m applying this year and I want to experience all what you mentioned!