Preparation is key!

Posted by: Yogesh

Middle of 2012, LBS admit in pocket, I found myself traveling around south east Asia! There was a sense of satisfaction and a completely different perspective to work. I was thinking on how best to transfer knowledge and leave a legacy behind with my employer Shell. Though, at times, I had conflict in my mind whether MBA was the right thing, but that was fast quelled by speaking to people who had been through the MBA journey. These conversations with MBA students and alumni (at and beyond LBS) were the most useful bit of my MBA preparation. It got the right thought process going… what do I want after MBA and what do I really want in long term! Though these aren’t the puzzles that can be solved overnight but earlier the better.

Another thing to start early is getting MBA financing sorted. Try and apply to as many scholarships as possible; some provided by school, some by your country and others. Some of these scholarship deadlines are as early as Nov of the preceding year, even before your admit. As for loans explore bank, family or other sources.

Further, I took the CFA level 1 to get me back into the “school mode” and lessen my upcoming academic burden. Particularly coming from a engineering/industry background, CFA provided a complete new world of knowledge, turning out to be quite handy for my 1st year courses. Alternatively, LBS provides you access to some online pre mba courses, which could also be seen in the same light sans the CFA certification.

Apart from this there were certain functional preparations. Booking cheap travel early; Packing for London’s notorious weather; Exploring accommodation (temporary & permanent) and potential flatmates. Though accommodation can also be sorted once you reach campus, say couple of week in advance.

My first blog was more functional in nature and representative of pre MBA life; next one would provide insights into the wicked MBA life!!!

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  1. avatar Pavan Kumar says:

    Hi Mr.Yogesh,

    I want to attend LBS MBA program in two to three years time. I did my bachelors in Mechanical engineering in India and recently completed my masters in subsea oil and gas technology in Norway and started working as a technical safety engineer in Aibel Norway. Since you worked in the petroleum sector and got into LBS, i wanted to ask you how many years of work experience does LBS prefer..is three years experience enough?..and also will lbs consider students with a masters in engineering background? how tough is the selection process and hoe did you prepare for it?..if you can spare a bit of time and answer some of my questions it will e greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Pavan Kumar