My First Impressions:

My LBS year began not in London, but sitting at home when I received my first weekly bulletin outlining the pre-program preparation required before the start of term. Since then, LBS has constantly delivered nothing less than excellence, via guidance in a structured format to ease us into the Masters in Management. A constant wave of information is always heading towards you in the form of emails, events, lectures, seminars, news or just taking in the new environment.

LBS has certainly proved in a short span of time that it sets itself apart from other Masters programs by giving us not only academic education, but also preparing us for what lies beyond graduation. The Career Services must be given credit for transforming me on paper from just another ordinary graduate to one who is equipped with the skills and experience to undertake a job at the top companies in any sector.

‘Networking’ is a term most vigorously endorsed by the university and the school makes sure that we have access to create these valuable networks. So far I have had the chance to meet with top managers at global consulting firms, ask questions to experienced MBAs and be amazed at the global diversity among my peers.

The year ahead definitely looks promising with a gamut of experiences and opportunities and I am here to capture all of them.

Preparing for the Start of Term:

I started preparing for term way before the first MiM bulletin arrived. Ever since the acceptances started rolling in, the facebook group has been ever expanding with the new admits already “networking” amongst themselves. Preparation took form of keeping abreast of global news and market data, seeking housing and flatmates for the coming year and staying informed through the discussion boards and countless emails.

It’s been a great LBS experience so far even without actually having stepped onto its grand Regent’s Park campus. My MiM2012 buddy had given me great tips to make the most of LBS by joining its diverse clubs and attending the most educational treks taking place all over the world. The university made sure that all admits knew what to expect at LBS and start gearing up to take on the intellectual challenges the course has to offer as well as face the tough job market as we all prepare to land our dream jobs.

It’s going to be a year to study hard, forge lifelong bonds and empower ourselves with invaluable skills and knowledge that will see us through for the rest of our promising future careers.

2 Responses to “The beginning of my MiM journey”

  1. avatar Manish says:

    Hi Mihir,

    It seems there’s lot to do even before you get to the school. Even I am preparing for entry into LBS’s MiM program and yup it is great to know that LBS keeps you updated and on your feet even before you enter the college.

  2. avatar nimesh says:

    Hii Mihir,
    I am interested to take admission in lbs for MiM Program. I am sy.bsc student. I will be preparing for the same.what will you suggest me for the preperation . because i have no idea about admission procedure, and i think if i start early the preparation it would be better for me