Preparing for the start of term

Every student I spoke to during my numerous visits to London Business School had the same piece of advice for me – to savour my last few days of good lengthy sleep. A quant by profession, I thought to myself that I was by now used to long hours of work and that thirty winks would do just fine as forty . I could not have been more wrong! With everything from Sundowners, competitions, club roles, parties and of course classes to cram into 24 hours, I have never worked and played this hard in my life.

Owing to a confluence of circumstances and choice, I had to work full time for my erstwhile employer until the Friday before orientation week. On the upside, being a Londoner, there was not much pre-term preparation (at-least on the personal front). My suggestion to those of you planning to do an MBA at London Business School – do yourself a favour: savour every moment of your pre MBA downtime and recharge your batteries! Because once you get here, I promise, you will give the Energizer bunny a run for its money.

Why I chose London Business School

As a Londoner, London Business School was unsurprisingly my top choice.  A few American schools served as backup / safe choices. I must hasten to add though that whilst location was important, it was by no means the only consideration! London business is a great school in an amazing city. What makes it great it not merely geography or history or buildings. Above everything else, it is the sheer diversity and breadth of its community – both students and staff.

On joining the school, I experienced for myself the fact that diversity is not simply a catchy buzz word. It has real, tangible value. For instance, I learnt all about setting up and running solar power plants in Africa from a French energy expert and current MBA classmate during a tube ride. This, I believe is the true essence of the learning opportunities made possible by diversity.

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