Theme of the Month: Immersion

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Let me recap what’s happened since I last wrote.

The MiMs had our first final exams which were intense but successful! We then said our tearful goodbyes as we broke for winter break but soon to return refreshed, reenergized and reinvigorated to take on the new challenges of this semester. Over the break, many MiMs had the chance to discover London as well as meet up around the world and continue the MiM experience off-campus.

The semester began with 3 new interesting modules and new focuses. Many MiMs have secured job offers with their choice of employers and so this semester is focused to enhance the LBS experience by immersion into other facets of career and personal development. Clubs and societies embarked on treks to visit companies internationally such as the Retail & Luxury Goods and Energy Club trips to Paris where they interacted with management from large companies. We also had a spring careers event attended by 40 employers followed by Business Immersion Week.

The BIW has so far been the highlight of my time here as I got to visit M&C Saatchi, BBC, Universal Music, LVMH, Pentland group and Google! Some of the other 28 companies visited included Accenture, Blackstone, CNN, Deloitte and London Stock Exchange. I was taken aback by the information I learned about various companies and sectors.

In other news, LBS is buzzing with excitement for the annual Tattoo festival for which tickets were sold in under 5 minutes. There’s food, drink, dance, music and performances from around the world as we showcase our global diversity. #LBStattoo.

And lastly, there’s more immersion to come ahead with the MiM Global Immersion Field Trips that are taking us on an exchange to Paris, Brussels, Madrid and Stockholm to visit local businesses schools and companies. I personally can’t wait to attend one of the trips!

Phew! That’s a lot of information to cover. If there’s anything in particular you want to know about, comment below!

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