The day finally arrived, long awaited and eagerly anticipated, when I entered the London Business School as one of the 52 Sloan fellows of the 2013 class. Each different, from 22 different countries yet similar in being a well accomplished, experienced professional and a risk taker out to maneuver their careers to new heights and with a burning desire to be more self aware and to learn.

Apart from the incredible mix of very distinguished classmates the other striking thing about the early days at LBS was the precision of planning and coordination by the program office in managing the whole orientation process and thereon in the most smooth and seamless manner, and why not, coming to a world class institute you expect that and they deliver more, giving you the first taste of what it means to be studying at a top of the line institute. This is only the beginning and you experience the quality in every sphere, especially the professors with their very latest insights from the corporate and academic worlds.

To sum it up, the first impression is that you made the right choice and all the hard work put in getting admitted is worth the effort. So now is the time to immerse yourself in this amazing environment for learning, self-awareness and development.

8 Responses to “First impressions…”

  1. avatar Sreekanth says:

    Hi Sarfraz,

    How are you doing?

    Great “First Impressions” :-)


  2. avatar Barnali says:

    Hi Sarfraz,

    Great First Impressions!

    Which country r you from? I wanted some insights from email id is if you can share your mail id .so that we can connect.


  3. avatar Tank says:

    That was incredibly humbling and inspiring to read! Great stuff!

  4. avatar Rupesh says:

    It must an experience, I can totally understand this. A set of senior professionals taking a another step to further hone their career is truly remarkable. I, being the part of 2014 class, am just waiting for the day when I step in the world’s one of the best insititute.

    I wish you all success.

    • avatar Naren says:


      I will be part of 2014 class as well and looking forward for the LBS experience. I just created a linkedin group ‘London Business School Sloan Fellows 2014′. Let us connect offline.


    • avatar Sam says:

      Hi Rupesh,

      You have received the final offer from LBS for 2014 Jan Sloan Master’s class? I thought May 29th was the last date for application.


  5. avatar Hi Rupesh says:

    Hi Rupesh,

    Congrats for your 2014 admission!
    Are you admitted to Sloan program?
    I am admitted to 2014 program. Shall we connect offline?


  6. avatar Sandeep says:

    Hi ,
    I am an interested aspirant for LBS Sloan program for 2015-2016 intake, would like to have feedback in respect to how to prepare for the admission test(GMAT) and related admission criterion.
    will be great support if any one of you can help me for the same, look forward to your valuable suggestion and inputs.