Multitasking: Is it over or underrated?

Posted by: Gayathrisai
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There is always so much happening on campus – academic/career/social events. Attending these events is just one side of the coin. What about all that goes into organizing and conducting the events? Many of these are managed and run completely by students, either through clubs or by the Students Association. How can just one student handle such massive school-wide events, of course, its team work. What about the lives of those on the committee of such events? This is a clear perspective of the lives of such students.

Usually it’s a group of people on the committee with each person responsible for a specific task. Whatever the size of the event, massive effort goes into executing it for the students. There are meetings that have to be attended and work to be finished at home. Sometimes a technical glitch while other times a seed of doubt sitting in the mind, contribute equally to additional work and unplanned delays. The pleasure in serving the students community is unparalleled and it is this spirit that keeps those involved going. Managing the pressures of a job hunt, project/presentation deadlines, exam preparations and networking along with such students community activities tends to push the mental boundaries of an individual. Multitasking  is, thus, certainly not overrated. In fact, it is the only saving grace!!!

Personally, being involved in such activities has served as a platform for self discipline. I realized over time that compartmentalizing work is the way to go, looking at everything together at  the same time can get quite maddening. Though I’m a person who thrives on impulsiveness, I realized that maintaining a daily work plan and schedule helps get work done effectively. Through involvement in student related activities, it’s my observation that I’ve gained as much as I’ve contributed and it surely is a fulfilling, fun and valuable experience!

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