In last 15 years, I worked in IT for 13 years(my last company was IBM) and started 3 ventures in totally different industries. At all the 5 places( 2 job and 3 ventures) I got stuck after intial years of huge success. I could not expand my ventures beyond a point and also could not reach to my dream position in IT job.

I am a strong individual with all the right qualities in place, I am very determined, good decision maker( most of my decision were right), a high risk taker, very hardworking, organized, good in planning and all. I could not figure out what I need more to reach to a top most position in IT or start my own dream company and take it to the highest level. There were more questions than answers in my life.

Though I was ready to change myself and acquire new skill, I was clueless what to change and where were I going wrong. MBA was in my list for many years and now as I hit a road blocker, it was time to set aside everything and focus on learning. It was time to figure out how do Leaders are born and what they do differntly. it was time for a transformation. 3 months in LBS and everything started making sense to me. I could figure out all the missing steps in my last 15 years career.

I can see the gaps and I can answer all my questions. Now I know where I took wrong turns in my career and in my ventures. What I needed to do more and what less. I can see myself getting transformed slowly and gradually to the one I always wanted to be. I can see myself getting closer to my dreams and all my dreams are getting bigger and bigger day by day.

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  1. avatar nitin says:

    Hi Poonam! Your musings are really encouraging for budding entrepreneurs.
    I have a simple question, would really appreciate your answer to it.
    How does a student take care of educational loan/debt if s/he is starting own venture right after school?
    First of all, is it very much possible to launch a business right after school?
    In anticipation.

    • avatar Poonam Marwah says:

      Hi Nitin,

      Thanks for your encouraging words. To answer your question, first of all you do not need to wait to finish school to start your own venture. Regarding funds, either you start something with your own investment and then raise funds through school network, alumni etc in a year or two or you discuss your idea with classmates, alumni before starting the venture and involve somebody who can fund the venture. Most of top schools including LBS have great alumni. At LBS they have Entrepreneur club and a summer program to help entrepreneur. People are more than willing to help so if you have a great idea, funds should not be a problem.

      Regarding how to pay off education loan/debt if you are starting your own venture. I am not sure about that, may be you can take a part time assignment along with your venture or if you get an investor in the starting, you can pay yourself some salary from your own venture.

      Hope I am able to answer your question to some extent. May be we can touch base again once I finish my 1st year and gain some more insight.

      Best Regards

      • avatar nitin says:

        Thank you Poonam for your informative response.
        I am presently collecting the ideas that could turn into businesses, and alongside exploring b-schools as a path for wholesome learning and launchpad for those ideas!

        Best regards,

  2. avatar Madhan says:

    Yes, Poonam…Mastering the business methods and adding to your existing graduate degrees from the background of business promises you with a “living big” future. And, your mind will be fresh with new strategies from the evolved teaching methods and business solutions that have been developed over the years .But we should also keep in mind, statistics are showing that MBAs are helping employees achieve the success they have been dreaming of, but it does not mean that everyone who obtains an MBA will get a golden ticket to business paradise.


    • avatar Poonam Marwah says:

      Hi Madhan,
      Thanks for sharing your views. I agree with what you said. MBA can transform your thought process provided you are ready to get transformed. At the end of the day, you are the one who will make a difference to any job or business you do, MBA is a tool which can help you making that difference in a better way.

      Best Regards

  3. avatar Deep says:

    Hi Poonam,
    Nice to hear you have started connecting the dots now.
    I have nearly similar experience and background ( 10 yrs in top tier IT & Management consulting and into an IT startup now in UK). I kind of feel MBA is much needed now for my career however cannot make out what I want/ where I want to be in post MBA. Is there a way I can get a few tips/ help to clear my doubts from you possibly? I see you coming from a similar background and progressed very well in the right direction :)
    Any help will be hugely appreciated. Look forward hearing back.

  4. avatar Naina says:

    Hi Poonam,

    Just stumbled on this blog and feeling glad to see a fellow woman technology professional at a similar stage of career. Compared to you, I believe I do have more concrete ideas on the gaps in my skill sets, which is my primary motivation to do an MBA. What I’m worried about is the financial aspect of it. The amount of risk I would have to take truly seems daunting and could put me under debt for a long time to come, especially in the current economy. Your thoughts/views on the ROI of MBA from LBS (especially for women candidates in unusual fields who might need to continue working in Asia post-graduation) would be deeply appreciated.