Being a skeptic (or diligent!) person I am, a quote from a funny ex-cricketer/commentator gonged through my head “A statistic is like a mini-skirt. What it reveals is suggestive, what it conceals is vital”. I am glad I took the time to research this aspect (the rankings!) and map my fit for personal goals with what the schools have to offer. There is nothing right or wrong about the fit thing. For instance, I wanted to spend two years learning from the best faculty and within a collaborative community. So the top deal makers for me were:

1. Academic Strength
2. Close-knit and collaborative community
3. Opportunities for Networking and International Exposure

I knew that LBS really dominated on these parameters through several and several and several interactions I had with alumni/students from various B-schools. I also connected with many alumni/students who had been on MBA exchange to other schools. This was decisive as these people can truly contrast between the two schools they attended and gave me a strong sense of the opportunities and the culture at each of the school.

Finally, I would say that self-awareness (about what one truly wants in MBA journey as well as in-general) is the key to making the ‘right’ choice for oneself.

6 Responses to “Why did I choose London Business School?”

  1. avatar Sahil says:

    I’m a pre-final year Engineering Student from India and would like to pursue from London School of Business.
    First, Is a professional career necessary for getting into LBS?
    Also, Apart from GRE and TOEFL are there any other exams that I need to take?
    Thanks :)

    • avatar Pranav says:


      What course do you want to pursue at the London Business School? There are MiM, MiF, and MBA courses on offer that may be relevant for you.

      Please visit school’s website for more information.


      2. You must take GMAT and not GRE. If English is not your native language, you must submit a valid TOEFL or IELTS score.

      I would advise you to research the website. Hope this helps. All the best.

      • avatar Pranav says:


        2. You do not need to submit your english test score if: (quoting from the website)

        a. your undergraduate or postgraduate degree was conducted entirely in English or in an English-speaking country (degrees must be two years or longer)

        b. you have lived or worked in an English-speaking country for at least two years since graduating from university.

        Your English will be continually assessed during the admissions process.

  2. avatar NS says:


    Many thanks for your revealing (pun intended :)) insights into your process of choosing LBS. I am curious about the relevance of GMAT scores in the admission process. Can a unique profile counter-balance a relatively low score? Also, does it matter which geographic region you come from? If that’s the case, how do fellow citizens compete with Indian IT super-geniuses with 700+ scores? What has been your experience? Your insight would be deeply appreciated.


    • avatar Pranav says:

      Hello NS,

      Apologies for a delay. I shall compensate it with a detailed reply.

      Your main concern seems to be GMAT score. GMAT score is a hard number, so I will say set it right.

      Every profile is unique and strength of one’s extracurriculars should never be undermined. Last year (MBA 2014), the London Business School admitted students with GMAT scores ranging from 600 – 780. Hence answer to your first question is YES. That said, GMAT score gives some advantage if you are aiming for strategy consulting or banking roles post-MBA. (as it is a “official” measure of your quantitative skills as well as english verbal skills)

      For the second question, you may want to get in touch with MBA Admissions at LBS to get complete picture.

      My view: Your geographic region is immaterial in your evaluation as a candidate. However, LBS has a class of 400 students and preserves a diverse mix. This means there would be ball park number of students that will typically enter a class from a region.

      So firstly, you should qualify as amongst the top contenders from across the globe for an MBA spot at LBS. Next, you should be one of the lucky ones to be selected (or fare better than others from your region) as LBS Admission Committee aims to put together diverse and well balanced class, in terms of region and professional background. Also remember that applications are evaluated in various rounds, and statistically that may also affect chances. I would recommend either of the first two rounds.

      For instance, if there are 10,000 students (a cooked up number) applying from India, and LBS usually admits 30 – 45 people from India. You need to first come across as a worthy candidate for a MBA spot, there are no reserved spots from a region :D. Next, if there are more than 40 worthy candidates (which usually is the case), then a mix of professional background, achievements, GMAT score, and geographic region is reviewed by AdCom to offer an admission spot.

      I am an Indian non-IT no-genius with 700+ score, so that should partly answer the third question. I also know colleagues with below 700 score, and not from IT background from India, with spectacular extracurricular achievements, expressed earnestly in their essays. So there is no dearth of evidence.

      I had a satisfying and delightful experience preparing essays and interviewing with LBS. (They were relevant) I would say the alumni I met before admission were humble, highly accomplished, friendly, and helpful.

      Just do it. All the best.

      • avatar Abhinav says:

        Hi Pranav,
        I am Abhinav from India.Currently I am in 3rd year of mechanical engineering.I have a good academic performance and extracurricular achievements. I have doubts related to the admission at LBS.Please help me out from them.
        1) MiM at LBS or MBA at top IIM? Which gives more and good opportunities?
        2)What are the requirements for admission?
        3) How much is the expenditure for MiM?
        4) What kind of job do students get after having degree?

        Please answer in detail.
        Thank you