Yes it a demanding elective, yes it is highly computational, yes the math involved is tedious, yes it takes hours to finish the assignments (as much as 10-15 hours on a specific assignment 3), yes it is a challenging course, yet not impossibly so. Prof Suleyman Basak with his impeccable course planning, smooth delivery of lectures, supporting mentoring role, encouraging mails urging us to work on fixed income 24×7 and his incredible sense of humour makes you feel it is absolutely worth all the effort. He loves attention and succeeds in getting it. He does not encourage his students to particularly socialize in class ;) and talks about transitivity just before Valentine’s Day. He loves his Kit Kat dark choc, diet coke and dumplings. Towards attaining a ‘WARRIOR’ status, one should first choose this elective and finally clear the exams. We had our exams the day before. Hopefully each of us attain that status with relative ease! This is a tribute to a wonderful Professor loved by all!

One Response to “Winter flowers? Nah…..Fixed Income Warriors sound solid!!!”

  1. avatar zolani says:

    i have heard a lot about this awesome professor!