I spent most of my life in ‘Chennai’, a city along the south eastern coast of India. Hot and humid sums up its weather – the only thing I still loathe about the city. The day I left to London I gladly thought I’d had enough of sunshine.

London is much cooler during Autumn, though it progressively turns to biting cold during the winter. It’s been one roller coaster ride as far as the weather goes in the last few months. Initially, London weather taught me to check for weather updates everyday. A day of sunshine, followed by a day of rain and then a couple of days of snow. However the transition from winter to spring has taught me much more – to check for weather updates on an hourly basis. Recently there have been quite a few days where it rained in the morning, got too warm and sunny during the day and was exceedingly cold in the night (in different permutations too!).

Slowly I started to empathise with the London obsession for sunshine. It’s dark and cloudy most of the days that sunshine is a welcome respite. Everything from people’s mood to their day revolves around the sun. I was mistaken to think I’d had enough of sunshine. Living in London, you tend to fall in love with sunshine especially when it is such a magnificent feeling to have it caress your face particularly when there still is a nip in the air. I’ve seen Autumn and Winter in London, looking forward to the most evasive Spring!!!

3 Responses to “London Weather: Incomprehensible mystery behind ‘Sunshine Obsession’”

  1. Hello Gayathri, :)

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    Hi Gayathri,

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