MiM Act 3 Scene 1

Posted by: Mihir

How many MiMs does it take to make an unforgettable year? What do you get when you cross 162 highly effective students, London and Finance and Accounting? Why did the MiM cross Marylebone Road?

The answers to all these brain scratchers can be found if you visit London Business School today where the MiMs have entered the third trimester of the year. As everything we have experienced this year, the semester started off with a bang and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Even before classes began, some MiMs went on a Global Immersion Field Trip to Paris and visited the House of Hermes as well as equestrian event Le Saut Hermes at the Grand Palais. Soon as classes began, we were visited by students from the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) and IE Madrid as part of the Global Immersion Exchange. It was one of my most culturally stimulating exchanges as we discussed crayfish, spoke Spanish and experienced the high life of London. The program also included some fascinating talks on Financial Valuation and Comparative development in Africa by esteemed LBS guest lecturers.

As goes with an exchange, last week LBS students travelled to Stockholm to chat with Anders Dahlvig, former-CEO and President of IKEA. Have a look at the Masters in Management Facebook page for some interesting moments of the exchange captured. Next week we’re heading to Madrid to visit IE MiMs in what promises to be another amazing chapter in the MiM life.

On the all-important academic side, the MiM just leapt to a whole new level of learning-by-doing. As part of the Entrepreneurial Management module, we’re currently brainstorming and identifying market gaps to develop innovations in the goods or service sector to present at a Trade show later this year!

The course in Strategic Analysis is also enforcing the practical side of education as we have partnered up with medical giant GlaxoSmithKline to work on a project to develop a new commercial business model for their operations in emerging markets.

And it doesn’t end there; Microeconomics and Management Accounting are more subjects we will be studying this semester.


More to come this year:

  • Global Immersion to Brussels
  • Monthly MiM Muffin Days
  • MiM Closing day activities
  • Graduation
  • Summer Ball

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  1. hi mihir,
    i want to know how can i apply to lbs for my masters in finance. plz give necessary insights as it would be very helpful .plz mention any qualifying criteria; if any.i hope to hear soon from your side.