I still remember the day I set foot in London Business School – the Plowden reception, in search of Room P123 for registration. Little did I realise that the first floor of this building with the MiF Programme Office and the MiF lounge, would be the ‘most haunted’ place in campus, particularly for all MiFs.

Nalisha’s warm smile and Barbara’s friendly welcome drew all the MiFs to P123. Nalisha being the Program Manager was of immense help and she never got tired of addressing my programme related concerns. I will always fondly look back to many conversations that I’ve had with her regarding running and marathons! She is so incredibly empathetic with the students and super smooth in handling their requests and queries that it didn’t come as a surprise to me when she was promoted to become Senior Programme Manager after the AutumnTerm. Subsequently Nazila (we fondly call her Naz) and Bryony joined in as Programme Managers and they continued the precedence set by Nalisha.

Jane Charlton is the MiF Programme Director. She moves closely with all the students.  She could identify every one of her students right from the first day, a fact which astounded me. The sweet smile that spread across her face whenever she bumped into her students on campus stands testimony to this. She is always available for her students, constantly seeking feedback and striving for ways to improve the programme for her students.

Overall, my experience with the Programme Office (PO) has been amazing. I have pleasant memories (which I will certainly carry with me forever) of the MiF Programme Office’s support, guidance and love for its students!!!

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  1. avatar Radha Krishnan says:

    I am sure when if I succeed in admission will surely be welcomed as warmly like you were. Kudos to LBS!