Past One Week

Posted by: Gayathrisai

Our congregation is scheduled for July 2013 and the realisation that we have only a few more weeks together got to me. I was on a socialising spree! Monday, I made south Indian dosas for 12 of my classmates, Tuesday, met a few others for lunch, Wednesday, made dinner for the summer ball exec team, Thursday was the MiF sundowners for recent admits – full timers as well as part timers, Friday was ‘dosa time’ for my PT MiF friends, Saturday a tribute to all those who had the courage to take up CFA during MiF and finally, Sunday, a day out with my favourite classmate at my favourite haunt – Hampstead Heath! Had a super fun week! Obviously I was lagging behind in work, which took all of two days to catch up. Extremely Happy!!!! :) The last one month is going to be super demanding in terms of assignments, exam preparation, job hunt, strategy for ‘what next?’ and relocation, if required. Hopefully the transition is smooth for each one of us!

3 Responses to “Past One Week”

  1. avatar Donny says:

    wow amazing, amid a bustle can make dosas and be able to share and do something else.Are in LBS using theoretical methods or practices.Cos i see u had more fun that think about your study.

  2. avatar subodh says:

    It’s great to read your experiences and about the mouth-watering dosas in london! Wish you all the best for your studies

  3. avatar rita says:

    I like very much.I have several tips and solutions.If you need to just post them on the blog.Thank you!