As the current class of MiMs throw up their hats to celebrate graduation and pack their bags to move on to bigger and better futures in their chosen careers, its inevitable to look back and think about what we wish we might have known before we began this exhilarating experience.

So I bring to you a few things that the current class said when asked about the best advice they received when applying to business school and the advice they would pass on to future MiMs.

“Think about what value addition Business School is bringing to your education” “Go to the school with the best name for your CV” were some responses. I would agree and add that this is especially key for those who are still deciding what they should be doing for the next year of their life. LBS added a lot to my CV due to the clubs and activities I was able to be a part of and it helped give me a balanced education with my engineering background. How would it help you?

“Manage your time well and try meeting one new person everyday” while ambitious, is great advice because of the tremendous benefits a good network can lead to. “Enjoy your last year of university” - no doubt advice that has been born from the nostalgia of leaving, all MiMs would agree that in addition to studying and securing a job, the importance of making the journey a memorable one cannot be overstated.

As far as particularly applying to LBS, “Prepare your application and interview thoroughly and get advice from someone who has been accepted into a top school” “Be prepared, you will be surprised how many candidates enter the interview without doing their research”. I put these first since I have also had a fair share of experience with candidates who go through the admissions process only to be surprised mid way through the process when interview questions leave them unprepared. The first stage of essays is also very crucial “Take it serious and let your friends and family proofread your essay’s. If they recognize your personality in your writing, you’re on the right track.” “Make sure to tell your story through your essays”.

Once accepted, this year can be overwhelming with opportunities. “Be mature, know your objectives. Be sure you are clear about them, and MiM will help to achieve them.” “Enjoy every event and meet as many people as you can because thats where you will learn the most from” “If you have a business background, the MiM at LBS will be more beneficial if you are looking for a programme that gives you a network and personal development training”

Others say “Be certain about atleast three career choices and know that you have researched them well. It might sound clichéd, but “be yourself” is sound advice – be the best version of yourself.” “Don’t underestimate Marketing!” and “Make sure you don’t forget to have fun!”

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  1. avatar Julia Shanon says:

    Hi Mihir, i hope this MiMs future will start to grow this year..

  2. avatar Karan says:

    Is there any paid seat ( donation seat ) in LBS ?

  3. avatar Amir says:


    Thank you for your useful information. I was wondering if you could help me.
    We have a family business in my country and I just want to know if the the program is useful for me. In other words, my goal is to run the business and develop it. Will the program help me to get closer to achieving my goal? Or you think this program wouldn’t help that much and it is better for me to work in the industry and maybe later think about getting a MBA degree.

    Kind regards,


  4. avatar pragnya says:


    thank u sir for u informative advice,

    i am undergoing my UG studies ,i want to be part of B SCHOOL LONDON

    ,there is no admission citeria in the home website ,i want to no u r experience in the way of selected

    in to b scohool ,and kindly advice me want steps i should take now as i have 3 yrs of my studies in UG

    so that they r useful in admission into b school ,

    Is full time work experience is most or part time will it be considered?

    Or internships r considered as work experience?

    please kindly help me out in these questions i would be really thankfull

  5. avatar studia Gdańsk says:

    It’s easy to say, but today in countries like e.g. Poland is really hard to find a good job. A lot of good students leave our country. They try to find theirs chances abroad e.g. Irlend as a kitchenwork, catering man… Today your education is worth nothing. The most important think is experience!

  6. avatar deepika says:

    hey mihir
    i don’t know anyone from whom i can clear my queries . so i have so many questions. Is it easy to get scholarship in lbs london? and how much gmat score you need to get into lbs ? nd please guide me how to study for gmat nd what should be referred? as i m an indian so how much time before i should start with my application procedure like i want to start my mba(finance) in 2015 may ?
    please do reply ..


  7. dude u rocked.. very beautiful and informative post. kindly keep posting :)

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  9. avatar Radha Krishnan says:

    Thank you so much for the valuable information on LBS. Your advice would be really helpful to me in future

  10. It’s easy to say, but today in countries like e.g. Poland is really hard to find a good job. A lot of good students leave our country.

  11. avatar Auto dazymas says:

    Hello Mihir,

    Thanks for oyour advices. I hope our comunity will grow more and more. Good bless Mims!

  12. avatar hari shanker says:

    hello mihir, thanks for ur advice. i am intrested to join lbs .may i know what is the criteria required for an indian student with an btech degree.and i wanted to knw about percentage required for an indian engineering student.

  13. avatar tin7117 says:

    Thank you for your useful information, very helpful to me in future

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