It all started with MiFFT2013s raving review of the course and their awe of Florin Vasvari and Eli Talmor. Also during my 6 year stint in corporate banking I’ve surely come across discussions on private equity and have always wanted to explore the dynamics of the industry. Since I was doing the 4th term offered to the MiFFTs, curiosity got the better of me as I registered for the course. This one is close to my heart at it possibly is my last course at LBS!

Alternative forms of investment have stolen the limelight in the recent years. Though they were prevalent in the US since 1970s, they spread to other geographies only during the last couple of decades and have since gained immense prominence.

Taking PEVC during the block week is certainly like running a marathon – Monday to Friday, two sessions everyday with case submissions from Tuesday through Friday. The class is always oversubscribed and the Profs commenced the first class with some statistics – that we had made it by beating the 40-odd students on the waiting list!

The sessions were filled with infinite takeaways (from theory and cases), humorous deliveries, perspectives of 4 guest speakers (the best from the industry, including the PE Guru, Mounir Guen), overwhelming class participation and finally a roaring round of applause from the students! Why not?! In just 8 sessions I’ve got a glimpse of the dynamics of over eight sectors across different geographies; the course truly gives an international perspective on private equity, justifying the title of the book authored by Eli Talmor and Florin Vasvari.

It is not surprising that this is the only course at school that has my full attendance ;) I’m totally intrigued by the industry, and fervently hope I’d have something big to do with it sometime in the near future.

5 Responses to “PEVC AUT 2013: Curiosity to Intrigue”

  1. avatar Jess says:

    This sounds interesting. Good luck in the future!

  2. avatar Padma Kanthi says:

    Hi Gayathri,

    I was thrilled when i saw the word chennai… i am also from the same place….

    actually i have been followin ur post from quite a long time.. it is intresting..

    If you don mind can u mail in some details

    I wanna pursue MBA programme from this college and i have done my graduate from SRM university..

    Is it possible for any shot term programmes or is it easy to get into LSB and can you help me out by leeting me know all the details.

    • avatar Gayathrisai says:

      Hi Padma,
      I’d suggest you either gain some work experience prior to pursuing an MBA at LBS, else contact a few of the current Masters in Management students at LBS to assess whether the course would suit your short term goals.

      LBS is one of the top schools in the world, it certainly is difficult to get in but obviosuly not impossible!

      Good luck with everything :)
      Warm Regards,

  3. avatar Madanraaja says:

    Hi Gayathiri,

    I would like to first congratulate you on pursuing MiF in LBS.
    Heard people say it’s difficult to get into
    I was also excited to look “Chennai” on your Linkedin account.
    Trying to contact you so that you could help me out on some queries in doing MiF in LBS
    I’m currently pursuing my Chartered Accountancy course from ICAI. I’m into my 2 year of Articleship (Intership). I have not done any UG till now. It would be kind enough if you could reply me on being a chennaite thought you help on this.

    About the posts i have been reading last few posts which indirectly influences me to dream of joining LBS.
    Keep inspiring.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Madanraaja K