As a kid, have you enjoyed playing God with your playmates? As a teenager, have your friends lauded you for your advice on relationships? As an adult, have you taken pleasure in career counselling? Have you mostly felt you had better advice to give than what you got?!

Extrapolate all this into the corporate world. Obviously I couldn’t resist the temptation – I’ve mentored and trained junior credit risk analysts and interns. I’ve adviced clients on cost saving measures while assessing their funding needs. I’ve shared insights from experiences of other industry players to help improvise client’s business. All this, as a banker for six years prior to LBS.

It was during the last year at LBS that I realized consulting, particularly risk consulting is my cup of tea! Reasons are three fold: (a) I have always had a natural flair for it, (b) I feel the need for expanding my horizons while also leveraging on my prior experience as a banker and (c) I also feel the need for constant challenge – to shake myself off a comfort zone – which happens with a consulting career.

McKinsey & Co came on campus last week for a presentation relating to their Risk Practice and also conducted a crack-a-case workshop for students. After interacting with a few representatives from the company it comes as no surprise to me that working at McKinsey is a DREAM to many! I understand they guide and mentor their team for a fast track and successful career. The three managers who did the crack a case session as well as the HR recruiting for the Risk Practice are among the smartest and coolest people I’ve met in the last year – obviosuly synonymous with McKinsey!

Everyone has a compelling story no doubt, this is just an attempt to share mine!!! :)

8 Responses to “Is CONSULTING for you?!”

  1. avatar Josh Buckle says:

    Really nice post thank your for the information.

  2. avatar julia says:

    Hello Gayathrisai, This was a nice read. I remembered how I felt when I first started my studies in consulting area.

    • avatar Gayathrisai says:

      Hi Julia,
      Thanks for your kind words. Consulting is indeed an exciting career choice! Ever-challenging, always pushing your mental and intellectual boundaries. Wishing you good luck in everything :)
      Warm Regards,

  3. avatar Anish says:

    Hi Gayathri;

    I have done my and then MBA (Finance). I was ur junior at ICFAI in chennai. I just wanted to know how the course will help break into a more core finance career as now i am into regulatory side in the NSE which makes it more difficult to break into core finance roles.

  4. avatar zolani says:

    the good thing about Finance is that its a very broad field…it takes time to really find “the passion”….great insight.

    • avatar Gayathrisai says:

      Thank you! Finance is indeed a broad-based field which has the ability to satisfy the intellectual curiosity of different types of people!
      Warm Regards,