Over the last couple of weeks I spent quite some time visiting the offices of two operating companies co-run by the transport group I work for. This meant a lot of time spent in trains, hotels and meetings. I am rather afraid of flying so I really enjoy my train rides. The scenery on the train from Manchester to York is quite peaceful and gave me some time to read and reflect on some impending choices I need to make. As a substantial proportion of LBS students, I have some doubts about my future career that I hope to solve in the next couple of years. Since the start of the EMBA programme I have frequently been thinking about what kind of job I want to have for the next couple of years. I probably started thinking more about this after we were asked to write about our dream job and eulogy back in Orientation Week.

I fancy myself to be quite rational, but I am aware that this is not always the case. Therefore, I started to write some notes on a piece of paper after the train called at Huddersfield to help me better consider my decision. During my undergraduate degree in Peru I took 65+ modules as part of my Engineering degree (5.5 year undergraduate programme). I would lie if I’d say that I enjoyed Industrial Electricity, Thermodynamics or Mechanical Design, but I quite enjoyed Operations Research. Without going into too much detail, the idea that you can study “systems”, simplify reality with a model and look for better outcomes was quite appealing to me. I am really looking forward to the Decision and Risk Analysis course in the second term to see if I remember anything! Let me now use some concepts from Operations Research to model my decision making process:

Let my goals be: to have a family, to complete my education, and to live in Asia.

Let’s imagine that these can be smartly constructed into an objective function with appropriate weightings. I want to have the best time possible so I will imagine that this function is crown-shaped (i.e. I am a king!). These goals have a limiting effect on my choice set (i.e. feasible region). Articulating these limitations and the ineluctable loan payment, let some constraints be:

• Healthy work-life balance (i.e. working hours less than H hours a week),
• Research-friendly environment, and
• Company with global operations.
• Minimum salary requirement

After seeing some salary numbers during Orientation Week and in the omnipresent MBA rankings, I started thinking a lot about the “minimum salary” constraint. For a couple of weeks I was thinking Portfolio Management, Consulting, Private Equity! I guess it all goes down to my/your “crown”. A series of meetings with Careers Services provided some valuable input as I got information that has further refined my choice set. I’m really curious about what will happen in the next couple of years! As a part-time student my first port is to try to re-shape my current role into what I would like it to be and I am actively doing that.

To conclude and tied to the notion of salary being a constraint and not a part of the objective: Someone was kind enough to comment on my last post jokingly suggesting a writing career and so did a classmate (!). I don’t quite feel up to that task but I’ll share with you a passage by J.M.Coetzee that I read in my favourite hotel in York. I will confess that I am taking his idea out of context as he was writing about nations and I am thinking about individuals, but I still think it’s relevant:

“The figure of economic activity as a race or contest is somewhat vague in its particulars, but it would appear that, as a race, it has no finishing line and therefore no natural end”.

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  1. avatar Shemika says:

    interesting post. It was an interesting read and I will be back to see what else you have to share soon.

  2. avatar Gonzalo says:

    Thanks and sorry for just catching your comment now. I am not a very proficient blogger and had no idea I had to “approve” comments before they were published.