Back to Business!

Posted by: Ugo

After a wonderful Christmas break…





The first month of the second term started out with Corporate Partner presentations. In a nutshell, this involves us MBAs dressing up in our best business attire, then sitting down and listening to some of the best businesses and organizations in the world tell us:

  1. They’re awesome
  2. We’re awesome
  3. How awesome it would be if two such awesome parties did hook up…


Seriously though, the buzz this January is simply about one word – internships. The MBA is great education, but the reason why most of us came to LBS is to get a chance to find that holy grail – a better job (in another company, industry, or geography). The internship is that one-time opportunity to put your foot in the door, get a feel for what that dream job is like, and if you do well, possibly get a full time offer post-MBA.

When you see it that way, it becomes very clear why there’s the mad dash to:

  1. Attend the corporate presentations,
  2. Network with employees and past interns of the companies,
  3. Prepare and submit cover letters and CVs (mostly just before the deadlines),
  4. Work seriously on acing those interviews


I can’t overemphasize the importance of the interview practice sessions. Unlike coursework, in which we work in groups (except for a few assignments and the final exams), the interview is “me against the world” (sorry, company). You sit in that room, facing an interviewer, and try to convince that person in one hour, why you’re a great fit for the company, industry or geography. You have only one shot. Unlike the final exams, there are no re-sits here.

So, those looking for finance internships started networking in the first term, and are dusting off their corporate finance lecture material; those seeking consulting gigs are practicing case interviews, and asking actual consultants to teach them the ropes; while those looking for internships in industry are… Hmm, what are they doing???

2 Responses to “Back to Business!”

  1. avatar Ricky says:

    Haha! Are you suggesting that those seeking industry internships are getting an easier ride? Good luck with conquering the world – sorry internships :)

    • avatar Ugo says:

      Ha ha… Standard disclaimer – Er, I do not recollect suggesting or making such an assertion about industry internships :)