Playing for the LBS rugby team

Posted by: Matt
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Dislocated shoulder, sprained ankles and head wounds were just some of the injuries that came out of Saturday’s Reds vs Blues rugby game. For some of us it was a brand new experience, others it was a trip down memory lane having played over ten years ago, and for the MBA2014s, it was one of many games they have played in the past year. However everyone came out of the game with a sense of achievement and enjoyment, even though there were injuries and arguments between the players.

There is something unusually attractive about playing on the LBS rugby team. Is it because it is the biggest club on campus or is it because of the 10% discount that you get at the Windsor. I think it is because playing rugby with a great group of lads builds lifelong relationships, trust and respect for your team mates. Everyone is giving it 100% and putting their bodies on the line, that is what builds teamwork and leadership. I look forward to our next game and encourage everyone to come and support the Reds and the Blues.

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