London is where things happen, and the London Business School is the most happening spot. I have come to the School not only for the postgraduate job, but also for my endless quest for defining success. I was enlightened one morning having breakfast with Olivia Dickson, a non-executive director of Investec, and was a Sloan Fellow of the School.

It was a cheerful morning in the Regent’s Room on campus, eight curious minds from EMBA, MBA, MiF and MiM program gathered to talk to a seasoned business woman, who shed her insights on her core value to success. She said first we should go into a good organization, then built trust among them, never stop learning, know your distinctive edge and keep working on that, seek for advices, and don’t quit but instead dig in.

The trustworthiness has always been my core value, and that breakfast talk reinforced my belief on sharpening my edge into success. If I am not in London, or not in London Business School, I would not have a chance to ever savor the wisdom. This experience is really what I am looking for in London.

2 Responses to “What I’m looking forward to in London”

  1. avatar Isha Jain says:

    I wish could go out there too. I have heard a lot about London Business school. Hope I will be there for my further studies someday

    • avatar Priyanka says:

      Isha, same here my self wish could go out there too. can some one please tell me what is the exact procedures for going. thanks in advance