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My second gig in London ended up beautifully last Saturday. All the imperfection made the night memorable and who knows where the next gig will be? We can only seize the moments.

Sentimental aside, the name of the event came from the “rock” and “recruiting” in a Frankenstein style. Right now is the most anxious season for all the MBA students. People try to secure a summer of doing something. So called recruiting season, which is sad but true. As a MiF I am more relaxed compared with the majority. I am really focus on what I want to do and I know it takes time. Gig is the priority.

My band is called “the Bites”. The inspiration came from the quick eatery called “the bite” down the Plowden. Why? It was just right for us; a bit unbounded, relax, and LBS-related! We are formed by 4 people met at the Music Club jam session last summer. We hit on immediately. We love blue-rooted rock, we like a bit punk, but the older generation sorts, we love dazzling solos, and we love classic rock. Most importantly, I love the Bites!

Elia is the singer-cum-soloist while few people know that he plays guitar before. He is a rugby-guy-disguised-rocker and a gem. He loves music so much that you can feel his soul when he sings. Besides, he plays Robben Ford!

Nacho knows music and enjoys them. He is a born musician by any measure, especially the Guitar Hero on Xbox. He became the true guitar hero on stage, singing and playing at the same time. His classic hit is “I Believe a Thing Called Love” by the Darkness. No one I know can sing that tune but he nailed it! Just incredible.

Chiani is the lady drummer. She is so lazy but you will still forgive her as she will deliver the performance at the last minutes. We won’t be here without her pulling the Bites together. She’s also the most unrecognizable drummer by appearance, especially with curly hair now.

Our setlist goes like this if you are ever wondered: Gold on the Ceiling, All Right Now, Times Like These, My Own Worst Enemy, I Believe a Thing Called Love, Maybe Tomorrow, Bohemian Like You, Surfing USA, Basket Case, Joker, I Wanna be Sedated, Don’t Matter, Song 2, All Along The Watchtower, Chelsea Dagger, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Should I Stay or Should I Go.

the Bites

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