Posted by: Josh

It’s not all academics and job-hunting at LBS.

The opportunities to get involved are endless, and one of the best events put on at the School is TEDx. For all of you who don’t know, TED is sort of the X Factor/Britain’s Got Talent for speeches. Go on YouTube and watch a few TED talks and check it out for yourself – some of the speeches have >10million views!

When I found out I had a chance to speak at TEDxLBS, I decided to give it a shot. The theme was supposed to be ‘Magic,’ so I decided to speak about predicting the top of financial bubbles based on Didier Sornette’s log-periodic earthquake model, which essentially shows that bubbles form with quickening, shorter wave patterns, and crash in slower, elongating wave patterns:

Hussman's December 30 Sornette Bubble Chart Update

I auditioned the day before Valentines’, so I brought in a tulip to talk about the world’s first major financial bubble: Tulip Mania – 1636/7 Holland.

Ultimately, I was not selected, but had a fantastic experience sharing my idea (namely, that financial bubbles can be predicted and that we are likely in a bubble now).

I would strongly recommend every future MiM, MiF, MBA etc. to participate!




2 Responses to “TEDxLBS”

  1. avatar Farrah, TEDxLBS 2014 Co-Chair says:

    Thanks for for auditioning for TEDxFactor Josh! We really loved the audition as well, too bad we couldn’t take as many student speakers as we wanted to. Hope to see you speak at another TED event in the future though. :)

  2. avatar Aakash says:

    Hi Josh, just curious if you can you apply your model to the Indian markets and predict if its any bubbles are likely to form in the stock prices ?