Spring Break

Posted by: Ugo

My recap of term 2: Undertaking the MBA at London Business School

Spring Break!!!


It was a fast-paced term. It whizzed by before we even knew what was happening. From the first Corporate Partner Presentations in the second week of January down to the final core course exam on Sunday, March 23, it’s been one roller-coaster of a ride. Without the hurling, of course.

There’s a huge divide amongst the 2015 MBA student body, the haves and the have-nots. The haves, it seems, are walking with considerable swag, their heads held high, without a worry in the world. The have-nots are walking with swag (MBAs, after all!), their heads held level, with perhaps a sense of uncertainty about the future. I’m talking about… internships. Places in the highly coveted banking and consulting gigs are mostly (if not fully) taken. The 2014s, out of the abundance of experience, tell us not to worry. Their prevailing line seems to be summed up thus – ‘Everyone who wants an internship will get something. It may not be what you wanted prior to coming to do the MBA, but it’ll work out right in the end.’ Fingers crossed!

The high point of this term for me was my very first career trek to the United Arab Emirates – organised by the Energy Club. Best trek ever!! (I know, hyperbole, considering I have no prior experiences to compare with). But it was! Why? 5 reasons. Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4…

  • Excellent organisation (kudos to Bassam Frem & Marius van Straaten!!)
  • Great group dynamics
  • Free accommodation!!! (beat that, other LBS treks!!)
  • We got to meet and discuss with leading companies and public sector institutions in different sectors of energy – Petrofac, GE, McKinsey & DEWA – to name a few. We learnt a lot about the current state and future of the industry in the Middle East
  • Our hosts were very accommodating. In one case, we finished a company visit with a huge lunch, and started a second company visit with… wait for it… another huge lunch!

Sign me up next year!!!

Two awesome treks taking place during the spring break – the Japan trek, and the Morocco trek. Sadly, I am in neither place.

In conclusion, I was just reminded that school resumes in 2 weeks L. On the bright side, I have 2 free weeks J !!



10 Responses to “Spring Break”

  1. avatar Christina says:

    I am also thinking about starting my studies again and my first choice is London Business School. It was nice reading your post. I wish you all the best for your studies.

    • avatar Ugo says:

      Thanks, Christina! Wish you the best when you apply to London Business School. Let me know if I can help. Cheers!

  2. avatar Terry says:

    Ditto. Seems like the time is right for me too. Haven’t decided whether it’ll be somewhere closer to home yet (I’m a northerner), or further afield though, so looking at opportunities.

    • avatar Ugo says:

      Hi Terry,

      Thanks for taking time out to read this! Do let me know if you are interested in applying to LBS, willing to provide more information based on my experience. Cheers!

  3. avatar Allison Williams Esq. says:

    Looks like you had an awesome term. Good luck and I wish you all the best for your studies.

    • avatar Ugo says:

      Thanks Allison! Yes, it definitely was awesome. Wish you all the best in your endeavors.

  4. avatar Thanh Long says:

    Great article.Thanks a lot sir of sharing this article . are there courses available online?

    • avatar Ugo says:

      Hi Thanh, thanks for your comments. As far as I know, the school does not offer online courses – but you could send an email to webenquiries@london.edu or check the school’s site for more information. Cheers!

  5. avatar nate says:

    Good luck too.