A year ago, I applied to the EMBA Global Americas & Europe.  While I considered additional programs, this one was the only I decided to candidate to. Reflecting on this, I remember the application period as being both challenging and exciting.

Since I decided to apply, the application process took me about 6 months. For some of my classmates, this time frame was much shorter (for fewer, longer) but here is how I roughly split my time:

- Preparing the GMAT: about 3 months

- Completing the program application: about 3 months

Preparing and taking the GMAT is a must do that each of us has been through. I’m sure that for some it was a no brainer and for others it was more painful. I have a business background and I am not a native English speaker: my experience is that it is mostly a matter of perseverance. Taken individually, all exercises are do-able but the time constraint is adding up a little of spice. I bought plenty of books and spent about 100h practicing after work or during the week end. Just don’t give up at this stage, if you don’t score as high as you want, keep practicing.

When I first logged in the online application for the program, I was excited about what the non-GMAT part that would be ahead of me. Each section of the application had its own importance and I wanted to make sure that every single form was properly and accurately answered. Part of it is mainly administrative and most of it is about you, as a prospective student and future global leader. The essays were key, not only for the application itself but also for challenging me about my goals. I went back and forth to my essays and shared it with a couple of friends. I wanted to be 100% confident about every single line I wrote and asked myself: what is this sentence adding to my application? How does it help the recruitment team getting a better understanding of who I am and gauge the value that I can add to the program? My recommendations letters were written by people who knew me well and I had no doubt that they would share truthfully their thoughts. When I clicked on the “Submit the application” form, I felt like I did the very best I could.

Two weeks after I submitted the application (1st round), I received an invitation for an interview at the London Business School. I was happy to have passed the first step and I looked forward defending my case in a face to face interview. I was clear on my motivations and prepared a list of questions I haven’t had a chance to ask. The interview was run very, very professionally by two members of the recruitment team. They knew my application in details and while the interview was more of a conversation, I felt positively challenged during one hour.

A couple of weeks after the interview, I received an email which started by “Congratulations, …”

11 Responses to “A year ago, when I applied to EMBA Global”

  1. avatar Bird Control @ Total Bird Control says:

    It’s really great! Congrats dude..!! Hope you all dream come true, all the best for the next step. :)

  2. avatar Ravindran Gopal says:

    I agree with you and will be definitely looking forward to your future updates. Thank you and keep the great work up.

  3. avatar Komal says:

    Hi Florent

    I plan to apply for the MiM programme at LBS.I recently gave the GMAT and scored a 610 and I have work-ex of 2 years. I am looking for admission 2015 kindly help with a detailed experience of your application days.
    I don’t see much time ahead of me for the entire application process and want to give in my best shot at it.
    Can you please share your email id so that I can get real time help from your end and the application prep goes on smooth enough..:)

    • avatar Florent Breton says:

      Hi Komal,

      I’m not familiar with the MiM programme. I’ll give you my contact details offline and will try to connect you to the right person if that helps. More generally, I would suggest that you get directly in touch with the recruitment team / program managers who can help you assess your application and navigate the process accordingly to the timemline.


  4. avatar Herbal Indonesia says:

    terima kasih for sharing

  5. avatar Sofia Rhodes says:

    My hearty congratulations to you. Hard work never fails and you once again proved that. Hope you will have a great future ahead.

  6. avatar Luca says:

    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your experience, keep this great work up. ;)