The MiF  is a leading post-experience master program for potential candidates with an average of 6-7 years working experience. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that one will meet many MiF students  who have just recently gotten married or have a young family. In addition, as MiF is a very intense program which requires one’s full commitment (in terms of money, time and energy) both from the students and their families, I would strongly suggest for potential candidates to discuss this life-changing plan with your family prior to enrollment.


Based on my observations, there are several “types” of newly wed or young family in MiF :


1.  “Domestically” single (but not available)

This is the type of newly wed or young family that has to be separated during the program for various reasons (job, children etc.) Hence, either the husband or the wife will remain in his/her country and the couple/young family will meet up during the school breaks to spend quality time together. There are several  benefits to this option i.e. the student could focus on studying, participating in the school activities or be actively engaged in job hunting. However, one has to note that this is at the cost of the loss of quality time with the family, and especially if you  have children, you might miss one of the most important development phases of their lives.


2. Full house

For this type, the whole family would move to London. This will be ideal if you are fully sponsored  or might not have (or relatively small) financial constraints. However, as mentioned previously, MiF is a very intense program. Thus, it is important that your family are in the same boat, and communication is the key to have a balanced life between your campus and family life. Nevertheless, LBS is very supportive to the students and their spouses.  The campus  provides a lot of activities for the student’s family, through the partners club or student’s clubs.


3. 2nd Honeymooner

This type of family  usually has relatively older children who are willing to be left behind in their country to stay with the student’s relatives due to various reasons (i.e. school, health, language etc). Thus, the husband/wife can join the student during the duration of the program.


Now it is up to you and your family to decide on the type of family that you prefer during your MiF experince.



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    MiF is a very intense program which requires one’s full commitment
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