After a six-week summer break that just about allowed for everyone to catch up on the normality of life, it is the night before my first lectures of my second and final year of the EMBA experience.  Elective year!  Having had a year of preparing for multiple classes at a time, I would have thought I would have completed all of the pre-reading by now….nevertheless there is still time to wrap that up before bed!

Year One really was an incredible adventure that started with a class of 76 strangers and ended with one big happy family of friends from every walk of life imaginable.  It was also a tough academic triathlon:

  • Term 1: buzz and excitement in a theatre of unbelievable classroom discussions
  • Term 2: carried through with the adrenaline built up
  • Term 3: fatigue starts to kick in and you just want to be over with the exams, but you still love it!


Last week, a bunch of us went to the welcoming boat party to meet and greet the new class – it was at that moment you realize how fast time flies.  Looking back, it is quite amazing to have packed so much in – considering that through all of this, everyone was still holding a demanding full-time job!

While I am blogging for LBS, I will also be using it as an excuse to self-medicate on social networking since it is an area I am clueless about. Therefore, feel free to follow the second year experience on Instagram or Twitter.  For now I need to get back to ensuring I do not break the class cardinal rule: ALWAYS READ THE CASE and come ready for the class discussion!

Instagram: @OmaratLBS

Twitter:  @OmaratLBS


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