Seniors and Symphonies


“I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and I’m still sober!” – Peggy, North London Cares


The #LBSforLondon crew were in for a real treat this past Friday. To kick-off the weekend of community volunteering, 15 LBS-ers traveled to St. Luke’s, Islington to enjoy a piano performance courtesy of  London Symphony Orchestra.



Even better than the classical Russian program (featuring Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky and Scriabin) was the company – seniors from North London Cares. The seniors were so welcoming and engaging – it was almost like my own family were here (and not five time zones away!)


NLC aims to fight isolation and loneliness for our older neighbors by building cross-generational connections. They offer a full suite of activities (stay tuned for updates from #LBSforLondon Saturday and Sunday!) with the belief that both generations can benefit!




Following the symphony, we enjoyed traditional fish and chips and a pint or two. I’m a bit embarrassed to say we were outdone on the drinking front (c’mon LBS!).



#LBSforLondon may be one weekend, but North London Cares works year-round! Click here if you’d like to get involved, and spend quality time with our senior neighbors.

One Response to “Thank you for being a friend”

  1. avatar Nigel says:

    What a fantastic story. In todays climate its nice to know there are people out there willing to do this kind of thing. Well done!!!!