Hi all!

It’s been a while…

But as some 2nd years start getting back to campus and they find that they don’t know half of the people anymore, I thought I would take the opportunity to give a couple of tips for those 2017 that have just joined.

  • FOCUS. The first year will fly by fast. There a million events, a million opportunities, a million treks and a million clubs that want your help. And there there are classes, and recruiting, and… So focus. Choose your battles.
  • FOCUS. Now seriously. Even if your focus is exploring. If you look at the Event calendar, maybe there are something like 10 events a day. Which means that unless you have come up with a gadget that allows you to be in several places at once, you will have to choose.
  • FOCUS. Remember it. You won’t be able to say I didn’t tell you ;)


And to make it easier… I have compiled a list of all the trek invites I receive during the first year. I will not claim it’s 100% comprehensive, because I simply did a search of the work “trek” in my e-mail, but at least it will give you a start. And it will allow you to know what’s coming so that you don’t sign up to something without knowing what was coming, and then discover what was coming is what you really wanted to do.

So there it goes. There are leisure treks and there are professional treks (those in which you visit companies, network, etc). I have marked the professional ones (I know of) with an asterisk. Note that the dates were the dates of 2014/2015 but it will give you an idea.

Term 1:

*New York Banking Trek: 27/10-29/10

Belgian Trek:07/11-09/11

*Switzerland Industry: 27/11-28/11

South Africa Trek: End October

*China PE/VC/Tech Trek: 16/12-24/12

*Hong Kong Trek

Snow Trek – at the end of Term 1

Term 2

Japan Trek – 29/03-04/04 – Spring Break

Brazil – Spring Break

SouthEast Asia: 28/03-05/04

Poland: 12/04-17/04

Thailand – Spring Break

Africa – Spring Break

Ski Marathon Trek: 06/03-09/03

*Paris Luxury Goods: 25/02-27/02

*Commodities Geneva: 25/02-27/02

*Swiss Healthcare: 18/02-20-02

*TelAviv Tech & Entrepreneurship: 23/03-26/03

*Silicon Valley & New York: 23/03-04/04

*Italian Luxury Trek: 03/03-06/03

*Dubai Energy Trek: 07/03-10/03

*Singapore Corporate: 30/03-02/04

Term 3

Greek Sailing Trek: 30/05-05/06




Italy: 14/05-17/05


*Berlin Start-up Tech & VC: 09/04-12/04

MBAT: 07/05-10/05


And I am missing some… in summer there was the Colombia Trek and the Turkey sailing trek, and I know that there was also a Dublin Tech trek, although I don’t know the term.

Plus so many more! In Term 3 lots of ad-hoc treks pop up, specially among those that have already finished recruiting and have some more time off.

The point of all this?

FOCUS. And welcome to campus!

4 Responses to “My top 1 tip for newcomers”

  1. avatar Kathleen Wong says:

    Great advice, Jorgina! Exactly what you have been saying in person as well.

    So the key for us 2017s is to reach that pivotal point when we turn FOMO into FOCUS.

  2. avatar siemens servis says:

    nice sharing thanks